PC&S Panel Component and system
PC&S Panel Component and system

Panel Components and Systems

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Panel Components and Systems has 20 plus years of experience in manufacturing and product distribution. We supply quality instruments and components for the measurement and control of AC and DC power and transit systems. With over 25 direct employees and a distribution and representation network of over 40 individuals, we are dedicated to the sales and support of our products.

About Panel Components and Systems

Our electrical products serve many markets:  Panel Builders, Custom Electrical builders, Switchgear, Specialty Machinery, Generators and Power Generation Equipment, Transit systems, Air and Heat systems,  DC Systems and Drive Systems, Process Equipment, Alternative and Renewable Energy Systems and many more…

We are ISO 9001 certified and are classified as a small business with many state and federal approvals. A customer-service oriented company, PC&S strives to meet customer requirements and exceeds expectations. Our objective is to continuously improve on providing the electrical industry quality products for measurement, protection and control.

Our customers include manufacturers of power generation equipment, switchgear, specialty machinery and transit systems. We strive to partner with our customers to provide the best service, applications, value, as well as customized solutions.

PC&S offers power meters for single phase or 3-phase digital metering systems, measuring and displaying up to 22 parameters. These low-cost, simple to use metering systems are ideal for use in switchboards, building management systems, generating sets, distribution feeders, medium and high-voltage control panels, etc.

Parameters such as CT and PT ratios, demand times, calibration data can be set from the front control buttons.  PC&S power monitors can measure frequencies up to 400Hz.

All data is retained during power down conditions.  Security levels can be set to prevent unauthorized changes.  These PC&S power monitors also offer a communication option of either RS-232 or RS-485 (Modbus) protocol which enables the reading of up to 32 units on your various systems.  With free software, easy-to-read and understand displays, PC&S power monitors are ideal replacements for analog meters on AC or DC systems.

Panel Components and Systems Products

Panel Components and Systems
Panel Components and Systems

Analog Panel Meters

PC&S’ LS and ST series of analog meters are all built to ANSI C39.1 standards.  We offer a number of models that are UL and CE approved.  Models are available in most standard sizes, scales and input ranges.  Choose from a broad selection of AC and DC ammeters, voltmeters and frequency meters, DC process indicators, kilowatt, kilovar and power factor meters.

Choose from available options such as panel gaskets, NEMA 4, rectified movements (from 25-1000Hz), improved accuracy, colored dials, custom artwork, customer logos. DIN style meters are also available from stock at PC&S in most standard sizes and inputs.  Let PC&S be your single source solution for analog panel meters.

Battery Chargers

A complete offering of battery chargers from PC&S provide manual or fully automatic, heavy duty, current limited charging of vented lead acid or nickel cadmium batteries.

Our switchmode power supply design enables us to provide chargers which are compact and light, with high power efficiency and low heat dissipation. Advanced features allow for safe, optimal charging and long battery life: multi-stage operation, low output ripple, auto boost, automatic temperature compensation and alarm outputs for signalling fault conditions. Several products have UL approval to the UL1236 standard for battery chargers in starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) applications.

Typically used in a wide range of industrial charging applications, such as standby engines, pumps and fire pumps, generators, and cyclic battery charging, PC&S battery chargers are available in ranges through 60A, DC.  We also provide units for NFPA110 and Fire Pump applications.

Cam Switches

High quality, rugged construction is built into every switch that PC&S sells.  Whether your requirement is for a control switch, an instrument switch, ON-OFF switch, Multi-step switch, a changeover switch, a voltage change switch, PC&S has the right switch for you.

Switching angles of 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees and 90 degrees with up to 12 switching positions that can be provided. Forced open contacts on the switches fulfill load break requirements up to 690 volts. Our switches feature double break, silver alloy (gold optional) contacts with various ratings and high interrupting capacity for long life and reliable operation.

Switch to PC&S and we are ready to assist you in the application. We have a large library of standard generator switching application programs to choose from to handle your specific parameters. UL and CE listed, too.  Let us show you the difference quality makes!


With a traditional design which enables them to withstand the highest current ratings in the harshest working conditions, PC&S contactors allow for a very high degree of customization.  These are FULL LOAD break devices.

PC&S contactors offer an excellent balance between dimensions, performance and strength whether you application demands a small, smart device, is operating on vehicles for electric traction, or providing a high power load connection in a heavy-duty, industrial application from 80A,DC to 8000A,DC. Our contactor specialists will help you configure the right part to work efficiently on your low and high voltage AC or DC circuits in a full range of DC control.

PC&S Current Sensors

We offer various kinds of compact designed sensors that are powered with single or double voltage sources.  They have standard output signals, such as 0-4V, 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA and 4-20mA, which can be directly used.

Our line of current and voltage sensors combine advanced sensing technologies and signal conditioning of electronic circuits. Closed loop Hall Effect current sensors use error compensation technology for high measuring accuracy in both low and high current ranges.

Digitalization and integrating communication functions make intelligent energy management easily achieved with these sensors. Your requirements for high reliability and excellent output tolerance in current and voltage sensing are covered with this extensive offering from PC&S.  Typical applications include:

  • Photovoltaic equipment
  • General purpose inverters
  • AC/DC Variable speed drives
  • Battery supplied applications
  • Uninterruptable power supplies
  • Switches mode power supplies
  • Electric power network monitoring
  • Electric powered locomotives

Digital Panel Meters

PC&S offers a large inventory of digital panel meters with limitless applications for both AC and DC input parameters.  These low-cost solutions provide you with a wide range of monitoring and control applications measuring volts, amps, process, strain.  True RMS volt, amp and frequency units are also available.

Choose from bright LED scalable displays in green or red, DIN style cases for fast and simple installation, worldwide input power configurations, fast response with exceptional accuracy.  PC&S digital meters also offer communications options for RS-232 and RS-485 and digital meters with dual set-point options for alarm and control.


The PC&S line of oil pressure, water temperature, coolant temperature, fuel, voltmeter and elapsed hour gauges are perfect for your extreme duty, industrial applications!

Dustproof and waterproof, these gauges are ruggedized in steel cases, feature glass fronts provide long service under adverse conditions, are supplied gasket sealed, operate with 12V,DC or 24V,DC voltage, can be backlit with a 2-watt bulb and offer universal operation in your genset. The black dial with white imprint and white pointer with a 90-degree movement make the gauges easy to read.

Generator Controllers

These comprehensive generator control units are designed to start and stop generating sets both manually and remotely.  Simple to use and front-panel controlled, manual and remote start units provide digitally adjustable timers, threshold levels, input and output configurations, operating sequences and for a variety of engine types.  Password protections provide lockout security.

PC&S offers a complete line of high quality, fully featured and low cost genset equipment.  Choose from a range of manual and remote start units, automatic mains failure units, alarm annunciators, governor controllers, manual synchronization units, automatic voltage regulators, meters and analyzers offering you complete control over your genset applications.

Portable Power Meters Monitors/Loggers

Allocate energy costs to a diverse mix of products in manufacturing companies.  Sub-meter building facilities that are leased to other commands on military bases. Perform short-term load profiles to…Read More

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