Digitron temperature and pressure
Digitron temperature and pressure

Digitron Temperature and Pressure

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Digitron has been designing and manufacturing instrumentation for over 40 years and is a leading supplier of instrumentation and monitoring solutions to industries worldwide. Our extensive range of products includes simple-to-use handheld thermometers, pressure meters and dataloggers through to our state-of-the art wireless temperature monitoring solution – helping customers to meet safety requirements and manage their HACCP programme.

With the acquisition of Digitron, Rototherm enhances its temperature and pressure product portfolio to the Food, Beverage and HVAC industries. Rototherm has a strong heritage within Temperature and Pressure, having designed and manufactured the World’s first Steam Pressure Gauge in 1840 and inventing the Bi-Metallic thermometer in the 1920s.

Digitron Pressure Meter

Gas engineers and plumbers know the importance of carrying out accurate pressure difference measurements during services and installations of domestic and commercial heating systems. The Rototherm Digitron PM Series allows readings to be taken to ensure the pressure on the gas burners is within the 18 to 25mbar required range. Outside this range, the burner will not be able to function properly causing the heating system to fail and possibly explode when starting the flame. With the precise measurements of the Rototherm Digitron Pressure Meters, all gas engineers and plumbers can confidently issue reliable gas safety certificates to their customers.

Rototherm Digitron also provides a fast turnaround on the servicing and calibration of pressure meters, ensuring gas engineers and plumbers are never without their calibrated instruments.

Digitron Temperature Gas Leak Detection

Gas and heating engineers need to ensure the work undertaken on domestic and commercial heating systems is leak free, if a leak is detected it needs to be pinpointed and fixed as quickly as possible.

The DGS-10 is a state of the art multi-gas detector, simple to operate and perfect for detecting and identifying leaks. Its long, flexible gooseneck and small sensor head allow it to be used in tight, difficult to reach places. Viewing the area around the leak is made easy with a unique ‘tip-light’ incorporated into the sensor head. After using the DGS-10, simply wrap its gooseneck probe around the rubber sleeve for easy storage and protection.

Digitron Temperature and Pressure by Industry

  • Food Processing & Catering
  • HVAC & Refrigeration
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Cold Chain Logistics
  • Industrial & Scientific

Digitron Temperature and Pressure Sectors


In response to today’s ever-increasing demand for speed, accuracy and performance at an affordable price, Digitron developed a range of hand-held digital thermometers. Models available range from simple on, off and hold versions to instruments with advanced measurement and datalogging functions across a range of sensor types. Applications include,Pharma,Food and Industrial.

Pressure Meters

Easy to operate, reliable and robust the 2000P Series Pressure instruments are a great addition to the industrial & HVAC markets. Combining high accuracy and speed of response they are designed to make the operators job simple and efficient. The 2000P Series offers twin input for differential or gauge measurement with pressure ranges from 25mbar to 10bar. All instruments are dust and waterproof as standard (IP67) with Protective boots available for added protection and style to these multifunctional pressure instruments.

Plumbing Range

Specifically designed for HVAC engineers when pinpointing flammable gases in both residential and commercial applications. Complimenting the styling of the TM22 and PM series, the AGM50 – Gas Leak Detector or ”Gas Sniffer” has been specifically designed for HVAC engineers when pinpointing flammable gases in both residential and commercial applications.

The AGM50 has a long flexible goose neck and small sensor head to allow it’s use in tight, difficult to reach areas. Illuminating the area around the leak is made easy with a unique ‘tip-light’ incorporated into the sensor head.

Data Loggers

Need to monitor critical conditions?  Digitron range of Dataloggers ensure products are delivered, stored and processed at the correct Temperature & Humidity. The range includes single, dual and multi sensor versions and have multi-function displays for ease of use.


Digitron’s 2106T hand-held Digital IVF Thermometer has been designed to meet the demands of fertility clinics. The Kit is made up of the 2106T Handheld unit and 3 specially designed Embryo Microprobes.

The effective control of temperature is an essential requisite in fertility clinics and the 2106T IVF Thermometer ensures this need is consistently met. In addition it is IP67 rated and comes with a protective rubber boot for additional protection and stability.

Air Quality

The AM60 is a reliable air quality monitor designed specifically to measure levels of carbon dioxide (Co2), relative humidity (RH) & temperature (Temp) in your building.

Large LCD to monitor CO2 concentration (5000pm range), temperature,humidity, time & date simultaneously. Audible & visual alarms with adjustable alarm set point


Calibration & Repairs

Calibration involves comparing the reading of an instrument being calibrated with that of a reference instrument, under specific conditions. Other important aspects of calibration include documenting the deviation recorded, calculating the resulting measurement uncertainty and creating the calibration certificate recording this uncertainty. The calibration of measuring instruments is therefore an essential part of quality assurance, contributing to the prevention of rejects, reworking, or claims for compensation. Your local authorized Digitron partner will be happy to advise you on the various calibration services available for Digitron measuring instruments.

The calibration of measuring instruments therefore makes a considerable contribution towards quality assurance and the prevention of rejects, reworking, or claims for compensation. Digitron Industrial Services, a subsidiary of Digitron, can provide you with highly accurate calibration services for the most diverse measurement parameters:

Digitron offers repair and calibration services. It is available to all our customers globally and we can also offer these services for third party products. Our services range from one off calibrations to complete customer solutions. Our UKAS traceable calibration certificates show before and after adjustment readings, which are issued for each instrument or sensor tested. These certificates can be customised to suit the customer’s specific requirements.

Digitron’s repair division, with its own dedicated workshop, ensures rapid customer solutions, which include not only current products, but also obsolete instruments. We keep large stocks and spares for our own manufactured products and also for our other Rototherm products. All repairs and calibration services, undertaken either on-site or workshop based, are controlled under our BS EN ISO 9001:2000 accredited Quality Procedures.

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