Hengesbach Compact Resistance Thermometer TP 51

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The TP51 temperature sensor in the Quicktemp series increases the accessibility of the measuring points without, for example, aving to open them for maintenance or calibration work. The device is easy to insert into or remove from the sheath, which saves time and resources and ensures process safety.

Compact Resistance Thermometer TP 51
Compact Resistance Thermometer TP 51

Application-appropriate fitting lengths and process connections are available. The temperature sensor can be designed as a resistance output (4-wire) or be equipped with a transmitter. The short installation length and the coordinated process connections make it possible to install the device in pipes with a small nominal width, especially when using the T516 compact device. High temperature stress at the connection head should be avoided. Installation into the Quicktemp sheath system should take place with the aid of thermal conductance paste to ensure short addressing times.


  • two versions:
    • T516 for small nominal pipe widths and T504 for
    • nominal pipe widths from dn 40 onwards
  • compact device with pt 100 or 4…20ma output for a defined requirement profile
  • to be installed by using thermal conductance paste
  • various designs for appropriate installation, adaptation to existing measuring points without design changes.
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