Burkert Type 6227 Servo-assisted 2/2 Way Modular Water Valve System

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The servo-assisted solenoid valve with servo diaphragm is normally closed (NC). In this condition, pressure builds up above the diaphragm – the valve holds tight. When energized, the space above the servo diaphragm is pressure relieved and lifted up by the medium – the valve opens. The modular extendable valve system can be built up in all possible combinations with up to 12 valves each as distributor or collector in two sizes with different port connection modules.

The valve can be put together in collecting function or distributing function by easily twisting the valve insert. Any combination of functions in one block is possible. Additional functions such as temperature indication or flow measurement can be added by integrating a corresponding sensor directly into the valve block. In order to be as flexible as possible, a variety of port connections are available as standard. The inner thread port connections are at the bottom, pointing down while the outer thread port connections and the plug-on connection for hoses are pointing to the side. The block material is Polyamide glassfiber reinforced. The advantages are: Low weight and a certain chemical resistance.

Burkert Type 6227 Servo-assisted 2/2 Way Modular Water Valve System
Type 6227 Servo-assisted 2/2 Way Modular Water Valve System


  • Push-over solenoid system AC10
  • Modular valve 2/3/4-fold, hose connection
  • Body in brass DN1 …DN13


  • Reduction of Cost of
  • Ownership up to 60%
  • Modular system design
  • Block assembly by lock technology
  • Easy change between distributing and collecting function by turn of valve insert
  • Free combination of valve sizes DN10 and DN13
  • High flexibility with different port connections also with integrated check valve
  • Flexibility with additional functions (integrable sensors, separation of fluids, additional inputs)
  • Low weight by thermoplastic technology
  • Waterhammer free
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Neutral liquids, i.e. water, hydraulic oil, oils and fat (without additions) up to 60°C


  • Distributing and collecting functions in water / sewage treatment
  • Hydraulic circuits
  • Car wash devices
  • Chemical industry
  • Machine industry


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