Tube Resistance Thermometer TP 21 Hengesbach

The Tube Resistance Thermometers Type TP21 meet, by their design layouts, the requirements for a deadspace-free and hygienic measurement in all kinds of fluid media, like e.g. milk, beer, juice etc. The measurement occurs without a profile modification and without contacting the media by the sensing resistor, taking into account the good response times. Therefore e.g. cleaning procedures by a pig etc. are possible.

Tube Resistance Thermometer TP 21
Tube Resistance Thermometer TP 21

The device consists of a pipe body with neck tube in stainless steel. Integrated in the pipe body is a PT100-thermometer. Optionally the measuring insert contains one or two measuring resistors PT100, connected via the terminal block of the housing head in 2-, 3- or 4-wire circuit. The temperature sensors are to be integrated in the pipeline. Different connection versions for varying applications are available.


  • deadspace-free temperature measurement
  • no contacting with media
  • for food and pharmaceutical industries
  • entirely in stainless steel
  • corrosion resistance by field housing
  • custom-designed process connections
  • optional with transmitter
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