Kobold DF-H Pulse Output Vane Flowmeters

Kobold DF-H Pulse Output Vane Flowmeterss
Pulse Output DF-H

Measuring / switching range:

0.08 – 0.5 l/min … 40 – 160 l/min water
Connection: G ⅛ … G 1½, flange DN15 … DN50,
brass, stainless steel, trogamide, polysulfone, PVDF
pmax: 6 / 10 / 16 / 100 bar
tmax: 80°C
Accuracy: ±2.5 % of full scale
Pulse output

Measuring sensors are available with pipe thread or flange connections; standard or high-pressure versions are optional. The standard version is delivered with a standard front cover from solid, transparent plastic, which allows the flow to be optically inspected. The rotary motion of the shining red vane can be clearly seen. Faults such as power failure or rotor blockage can thus be quickly detected in situ.

In addition to their use as measuring and monitoring systems, the devices can also be used as flow indicators. The standard front cover is replaced by a metal plate on the high-pressure version (up to 100 bar with the threaded version). The devices can be installed in any position. However, the flow must always be in the direction of the arrow, and the front panel of the device must be arranged in the vertical plane.

The fluidic housing must be full with liquid. Additional inlet or outlet pipes are not required. The large radial clearance between vane and housing wall renders the measuring sensor insensitive to dirt. Depending on the version, the connection fittings can be rotated and are bearing mounted. Switching electronics or vane front may be rotated at will for ease of viewing (while in service).

Model DF…H: DF-flow sensors are also available without a compact electronic. The linear flow proportional pulse signal provided by the sensor can be controlled by customer own electronics.

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Measuring Sensor

Kobold DF-H Pulse Output Vane Flowmeters
Pulse Output DF-H
  • Connection: Pipe thread G ⅛ … G 1½
  • Measuring ranges: 0.08 – 0.5 … 40 – 160 l/min
  • Measuring accuracy: ±2.5% f.s.
    Eight different material combinations
Kobold DF-H Pulse Output Vane Flowmeters
Pulse Output DF-H
  • Connection: Flange DIN 2501, DN 15, DN 25, DN 40, DN 50
  • Measuring ranges: 0.08 – 0.5 … 40 – 160 l/min
  • Measuring accuracy: ±2.5% f.s.
    Two different material combinations


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