Kobold DF-Z Counter Vane Flowmeter

Counter DF-Z The evaluation unit changes the frequency signal of the pickup into a 3(4)-digit flow reading with selectable measurement unit (top display line), and into a scalable analogue signal. The flow quantity is added up in a part quantity meter and a total quantity meter and then displayed in the bottom line of the … Lanjutkan membaca Kobold DF-Z Counter Vane Flowmeter

Kobold DF-K Digital Display Vane Flowmeter

The DF-K evaluating electronics outputs the sensor frequency signal to a display, and converts it to an analogue signal and two limit contacts. The top display line of the double-spaced display shows the flow value with measuring unit and the bottom line a bargraph indicator proportional to the measuring value. Digital Display DF-K The two … Lanjutkan membaca Kobold DF-K Digital Display Vane Flowmeter

Kobold DF-WM Switch Vane Flow Meter

The established vane technology has proven itself a million times worldwide for measuring and monitoring the flow of different mediums in pipelines. Flowmeters/monitors work with this proven principle and offer many benefits. The heart of the new vane is an embedded ring magnet; it is hermetically sealed from the flow medium. It transfers, in a … Lanjutkan membaca Kobold DF-WM Switch Vane Flow Meter

Kobold DF-H Pulse Output Vane Flowmeters

Pulse Output DF-H Measuring / switching range: 0.08 - 0.5 l/min ... 40 - 160 l/min waterConnection: G ⅛ ... G 1½, flange DN15 ... DN50,Material:brass, stainless steel, trogamide, polysulfone, PVDFpmax: 6 / 10 / 16 / 100 bartmax: 80°CAccuracy: ±2.5 % of full scalePulse output Measuring sensors are available with pipe thread or flange connections; standard or high-pressure versions are … Lanjutkan membaca Kobold DF-H Pulse Output Vane Flowmeters