Air Winches for lifting and pulling in Hazardous Area

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Air Winches

An air winch is a compressed air-powered version of a winch. Air pressure is fed from an air compressor to the motor drive of the air winch using an air motor. The drive mechanism of the air winch will begin to power the cable drum and effectively raising or lowering the attached load

Air Winch is commonly used for the lifting and the suspension of materials. This permits the air to power the drive mechanism at a high speed while the final drive gear ratio, in turn, creates a powerful albeit, slow-moving lifting and lowers the cable speed.


The application of air winch is that the rope is usually stored on the winch. However, a similar machine that does not store the rope is typically known as a capstan. When trimming a line on a sailboat, the member turns the winch handle with one hand and the other is used to maintain the tension on the turns.

These are known as self-tailing air winches. In the oil and gas, construction, and maritime industries, air winches are frequently preferred to electric, diesel, and hydraulic winches because of their durability, versatility, and safety.

Standard Features:

  • Rotary vane air motor or radial piston air motor
  • Steel drum (not grooved) with cable   fixing point at the flange
  • Two drum supports
  • The working temperature of -10 to 45   degree Celsius 

Air Winch Options:

  • Alternative drum lengths
  • Pressure Roller
  • Drum guard
  • Drum Divider Flange

Control Options:

  • The proportional remote control valve
  • Air service units

Capacity oh Winches: 5 kN, 10 kN, 20 kN, 50 kN, 100 kN

The air winches are available in several sizes ranging from small to large. The largest overhead trolley winch systems to the small workstation units are used by a single employee to move smaller components along an assembly line. It is however not as convenient as the electric winch that most people use in their smaller home shop applications.

The typical air winch is easily utilized by the larger manufacturing infrastructure. The air winch can cost no more use than a manual winch in many applications by taking advantage of the compressed air that is already in use throughout the plant.

Capacity: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 kN


Model Type Cap. (kg) Chain Falls Speed (m/min) Lift (m) Air Press.
(kg / cm^2)
Air Inlet Mass
Rated Load
Up Down Left / Right
H025SPB Standard 250 1 18 19 3 6 1/2″ 23
H025MPB Trolley 25 41
H050SPB Standard 500 1 12 15 3 6 1/2″ 23
H050MPB Trolley 25 47
H1100SPB Standard 1,000 2 6 7.5 3 6 1/2″ 33
H1100MPB Trolley 25 57
H2100SPB Standard 1,000 1 6.5 8 3 6 1/2″ 40
H2100MPB Trolley 25 70
H2200SPB Standard 2,000 2 3.2 4 3 6 1/2″ 45
H2200MPB Trolley 25 75
H3300SPB Standard 3,000 1 3 4 3 6 1/2″ 75
H3300MPB Trolley 25 140

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