Fluidwell Display, Indicator, Totalizer, and Batch Control for Flow and Level

Fluidwell products are the ideal choice for a wide variety of flow indicator,  level indicator, flow metering, batch control, and process measurement applications. With a selection of easy to program models and a comprehensive list of options to choose from

Fluidwell Flow Indicator and Level Control
Fluidwell Flow Indicator, display and batch control

The Fluidwell display and control are suitable for any field mount application, it can be panel mounted, wall-mounted, pipe mounted or mounted directly on your sensors or other equipment. In fact, mounting, installing and programming your F-series is so unparalleled easy and user-friendly, it can be done by your own crew. Saving yourself all the cost and troubles of arranging expensive specialists.

These displays and controllers are also outdoor viewable and apply in hazardous areas. Focus is on applications for flow, pressure, temperature and level control and/or display.

There are indicators with the panel- and field mounting solution, batch controllers and EX-indicators/flow computers.

Fluidwell  Flow Indicator/Totalizers

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