NHVC Electrical Connector Nanaboshi

Electrical Connector | Nanaboshi Connector | NHVC Connector Nanaboshi Various high voltage connectors are available, including the world’s rare 6.6kV three-phase package type. We have a track record in plant equipment, emergency power supply equipment, outdoor transport equipment, large electric construction machines, various inspection devices Electrical connector NHVC Series have two type current: High Voltage, […]

Harting Industrial Heavy duty Connector

Harting connector Han Connector Harting connector for the industrial connector is divided into : 1. Insert Connector which has 2  insert form, insert male dan insert female, depending on its type of connection, there are Screw terminal and crimp terminal, whereas crimp terminal, contact of the crimp is separated from the inserted terminal. These crimp contact […]

Industrial Electrical Connector

Electric connectors mentioned in this writing are the most common electric connector used in the industry. There are two kinds of shapes, the most common being the circle-shaped (circular connector) and square-shaped (rectangular connector). In this section, we will present some connectors with brand Nanaboshi from Japan, Harting connector from german, TE connector from the […]