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Clarke Fire Protection Products

Clarke Fire Protection

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Clarke Fire Protection Products sold its first diesel fire pump driver in 1964 as a regional distributor for GM Diesel. We began manufacturing our own UL/FM drivers in 1980 and now market the largest line of diesel fire pump drivers in the world.

Protecting People and Property for Over Half a Century

To date, there are more than 100,000 engines bearing the Clarke name which have been sold globally. Although we’ve protected people and property for over a half century, we still believe that our success should be measured by achievements rather than years.

Leadership, Innovation, Growth

From its beginning, Clarke has taken the lead in discovering and responding to the needs of the fire protection industry. By combining engineering expertise with a knack for problem solving, we’ve developed fire protection product solutions that improve safety, increase reliability, save money and protect the environment. Many of our engineered solutions are recognized as industry “firsts”.

One of our industry firsts, from the Clarke engineering group, is our innovative and patented Pressure Limited Driver (PLD).  The PLD protects the sprinkler system from over pressurization by reducing engine RPM, which in turn reduces pressure from the pump. In recent years, Clarke responded quickly and effectively to environmental reforms, introducing new UL/FM engine models that complied with EPA emission regulations.

Clarke introduced dual starting technology increasing diesel engine reliability.  Our introduction of the driveshaft style coupling solved field alignment problems, and significantly reduced the time needed for engine/fire pump installation and maintenance. Clarke has and continuously develops product improvements which will provide even more high quality Clarke engine models to meet and exceed the demands of our growing global market place.

The First Name in Fire Protection

Today Clarke is recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of diesel fire pump engines. With two manufacturing business centers, one in the USA and one in Scotland, and more than 300 authorized service locations throughout the world, our geographic footprint is truly global. Clarke engines are located and available for installation in almost every country globally.

Superior Engineering, Quality Manufacturing, Proven Performance

Throughout Clarke’s history, we have stayed true to proven engineering principles, best-of-best manufacturing practices and comprehensive testing procedures. Every engine that leaves our plant is built to the highest standards and rigorously tested for reliable performance. Nothing is left to chance because once installed, every fire pump driver must perform on demand and without fail. Clarke maintains a close relationship with world class engine manufacturers to assure consistent product availability.

Our base engines are manufactured by John Deere, Doosan, Kohler and Caterpillar. We have more than four hundred engine models available, both UL/FM and Non-Listed. And with our experience configuring engine speed and power ratings for customers around the world, we can build fire pump drivers to any certification or country specification.

With decades of innovation, state of the art technology, worldwide support, a fully staffed and fire pump dedicated engineering team, Clarke is truly your global leader for your diesel fire pump driver requirements!



  • Engine Summaries
  • Pressure Limiting Drivers (PLD)
  • Emissions Summaries

Engine Options

  • Battery Kits
  • Cooling Loops
  • Driveshafts
  • Torsional Couplings
  • Air Filters & Cleaners
  • Exhaust
  • Engine Instrument Panel
  • Alarms & Gauges
  • Fuel Connection Hoses
  • Guards
  • Paint
  • Tropicalization
  • Vertical Bases
  • Enclosures
  • Secondary Starting Methods
  • Electric Motor Couplings

Rigid customer specifications require flexible solutions. Whether you are designing for high altitudes or harsh marine environments, there are many different factors that determine the specifications for your fire pump driver. To ensure the maximum capability of your Clarke engine is being utilized, you may need our stainless steel instrument panel or cooling loop to avoid corrosion or an alternative starting system that will provide a safe and reliable start.

Clarke’s engineering team develops robust options for some of the most demanding installations and applications worldwide. From the industry’s first UL Listed Pneumatic starting system for fire pump engines to a full range of alarms, gauges, and cooling options, Clarke’s engineering team is working hard to create solutions for your customer’s most complex and demanding projects.

With the help of Clarke’s online calculators and passionate employees, you can be reassured that you are making the right decisions for every installation.


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