Hyosung Corporation Heavy Industries
Hyosung Corporation Heavy Industries

Hyosung Corporation Heavy Industries

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Hyosung Corporation Heavy Industries have accumulated many years of experience in heavy electric equipment, housing, architectural and civil engineering, etc. which make up the core of industrial sectors.

About Hyosung Corporation Heavy Industries

Hyosung work in earnest to meet the demands of our markets based on sheer business competencies and unique technological know-how.

In heavy electric equipment, Hyosung tirelessly pursues innovation for competitive advantages in new growth industries like renewable energy with agility in line with the importance global customers place on the environment by establishing future-oriented power supply network systems such as ESS, STATCOM, etc. at the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In the construction sector, Hyosung is forging ahead with housing and architectural business activities based on our brand value based on integrity and convenience, while securing more stable growth engines by expanding into new sectors.

Hyosung Heavy Industries  Product

Hyosung Heavy Industries have business with categories below

Transmission & Distribution

Power Transformer

Since 1969, when it developed the 154kV transformer for the first time in Korea, Hyosung Heavy Industries is manufacturing and operating ultra-high-voltage transformers up to 765kV. Hyosung Heavy Industries supplies a wide range of transformers up to 765kV, and 1500MVA, and with both core form and shell form technology, has the capacity to offer a wide range of solutions to customers. With extensive project experience in over 70 countries around the world, and supplying over 6000 units of power transformers from Changwon, Korea alone, we are a global transformer brand, satisfying the standards of each country, let alone international standards, such as IEC, ANSI, IEEE, NEMA, BS, JIS, JEC etc.

Oil-immersed Distribution Transformer

Based on an extensive supply record, Hyosung Heavy Industries has been supplying reliable transformer solutions to various applications, including semiconductors, ship-building, rail, automobile, steelwork, and petrochemical. Customized solutions for various applications and needs can be supplied up to a maximum voltage of 77kV, and power rating from 100kVA to 80MVA. A strong supply record of over 150 thousand units to date guarantees our outstanding quality. As a global transformer leader, we supply competitive high-efficiency transformers, and green transformers, meeting our customer needs around the world.

Cast-resin Transformer

Customized solutions for various applications and needs can be supplied up to a maximum voltage of 35kV, and a maximum power rating of 30MVA. Safe, silent, and semi-permanent cast-resin transformers of Hyosung Heavy Industries, are suitable for places where installation conditions are limited, where fire prevention is required, and where eco-friendliness, and resistance to harsh environment is critical.

Having developed the cast-resin transformer for the first time in Korea, Hyosung Heavy Industries received certifications from international bodies, including ISO, and CESI, and received certification for fire-retardancy (F1, 2000), Thermal-Accelerated Degradation (IEEE Std C57.12.60-1998 & RS C 0018-2006, 2008), and seismic resistance (IEEE Std 344-1987, Q-Class) for the first time in Korea, proving capabilities for quality and technology leadership.

Shunt Reactor

Hyosung Heavy Industries Shunt Reactor
Hyosung Heavy Industries Shunt Reactor

Shunt reactors effectively improve the efficiency of the AC grid by compensating for the reactive power generated by the line capacitance. In the 1990s Hyosung started supplying shunt reactors up to 345kV 200MVAr, and has since expanded to deliver shunt reactors with a maximum voltage level of 765kV and reactive power of 250MVAr, which can be applied to various applications such as compensating reactive power of underground cables or connecting renewable energy sources. Hyosung Heavy Industries supplies customized solutions including variable shunt reactors and reactors with auxiliary windings.

Special Transformer

Hyosung Heavy Industries produces transformers that serve specific purposes including gas insulation transformers, mobile transformers, and STATCOM transformers, and we also supply products needed in various industries including Scott transformers, and transformers for electric furnaces.

High Voltage Switchgear

Hyosung Heavy Industry has been developing its products and services for the past four decades since when Gas Circuit Breaker (GCB) for 170kV was first developed in 1978. Throughout the experience, we have successfully supplied to forty different countries with our products of which rated voltages up to 800kV.

Our high voltage circuit breakers are designed in compact size and convenient for its maintenance. Its quality and reliability are also well recognized around the world as we get approved from the international certification bodies such as KERI, CESI, and KEMA.

Medium/ Low Voltage Switchgear

Hyosung Heavy Industries started supplying 25.8kV 25kA medium voltage switchgear in 1984 and has been supplying products and services to various countries for 30 years.(GIS, high-voltage switchgear, low-voltage switchgear, IPB, etc.) Hyosung Heavy Industries have a wide range of products from 440V to 38kV switchgear.

Hyosung Heavy Industries have succeeded in developing products that have various safety devices such as internal arc, earthquake proof, IP degree, satisfying various needs of customers such as petrochemical, power generation, electric and electronics.


STATCOM is a power electronic-based device and a member of FACTS (Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System). STATCOM plays a significant role in improving the power system stability and power quality by supplying reactive power to the transmission line and maintaining the voltage profile at an acceptable limit.

Hyosung Heavy Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier of STATCOM in Korea, and one of the companies that acquire the largest capacity in the world of technology MMC (ingle substation based on the latest and efficient Modular Multilevel Converter) which provides an optimal solution to various applications such as power utilities, renewable and industrial plants in Korea and Overseas alike.

HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current transmission)

Hyosung Heavy Industries was the first company in Korea to develop an HVDC system using Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC), the latest technology in voltage source converters. The performance and reliability of the converter and control system constituting MMC HVDC system have been verified through the 25MVA MMC type HVDC system installed in Jeju Island. Hyosung Heavy Industries is currently developing 200MW MMC-type HVDC.

Turnkey Solutions

Hyosung Heavy Industries provides 100% reliable and innovative solutions for Turnkey Substation and Transmission Line. Starting out as a leading domestic manufacturer and contractor of high voltage electrical equipment and substation, Hyosung is now one of the largest manufacturer and provider of Turnkey Solutions in the world. Our manufacturing knowledge sets us apart from other EPC contractors.

Hyosung has the ability to design, manufacture, and test individual components, as well as the proficiency to bring together and systemize the entire substation. We provide our service from the very beginning to the end. Our professional consulting and maintenance service is aimed to satisfy our customers. Our concept is straightforward. We strive to satisfy our customers. No matter the size and complexity, Hyosung will provide the Turnkey Solutions to meet your needs.

System & Engineering Solution

Condition monitoring system(Hi CMS)

This condition monitoring system measure abnormal signals through a lot of sensors which were installed on the electric power apparatus and perform diagnose exact status of target equipment.
Through prevent unexpected failure of critical power equipment, this solution contributes to stable operation of power equipment and improve the transmission network reliability.

Asset Health Management Solution(AHMS)

Hyosung Heavy Industries is the first Korean company to develop and provide Asset Health Management Solution (AHMS), a next-generation total management solution that combines Internet-based information technology and power device operations.

Power System Maintenance Solutions

Hyosung Heavy Industries offers comprehensive engineering and service solutions. Based on our know-how, we offer everything from power plant engineering, construction and supervision to maintenance, and condition monitoring.

Power Automation Solutions

Power automation solutions support comprehensive data management including data acquisition, monitoring, protection, control and substation operation information acquisition of power plants and substations. And can maximize the efficiency and convenience of system operation. We also provide the best power automation solutions for system design, manufacture, construction and commissioning based on the best technical expertise and abundant experience in Korea.

Process Automation Solutions

Operates by dividing system applied for process automation into small-scale system suitable for each plant (water treatment, incineration, chemical, fiber and etc.) Central monitoring unit and sub-unit systems are connected to a high-speed network to form one integrated system. Hyosung Heavy Industries’ process automation solutions, which acquired know-how for system construction for more than 30 years in water treatment, plant and general industrial fields, have realized customer satisfaction based on more than 100 cases of deployment in domestic and overseas markets.

New Renewable Energy

Energy Storage System (ESS)

Hyosung Heavy Industries Energy Storage System
Hyosung Heavy Industries Energy Storage System

Based on power conversion and energy operation technology, Hyosung Heavy Industries is leading the technology and market development of domestic energy storage systems. Hyosung Heavy Industries undertakes various activities in the Energy Storage System business ranging from supplying systems to maintenance and consulting business for construction. Based on our abundant business experiences and product reliability, Hyosung has strengths in the ESS business and contributes to maximizing customer value and creating new future value for the electric power industry

Solar Inverter

Hyosung Heavy Industries’ technology accumulated in the electric power field provides customers with a high efficiency solar inverter solution for stable operation of solar power plants. Hyosung Heavy Industries’ solar inverters, which can be applied to small- and medium-sized solar power plants to large-scale power plants with a capacity of dozens of MW, provide customers with reliable solar power plant operation solutions based on high efficiency and high reliability.

Solar EPC

Hyosung Heavy Industries has worked on various projects in the design, engineering, and construction of solar energy EPC for about 10 years since the construction of the Samryangjin Solar Power Plant in 2007, and has provided customers with great value. Hyosung Heavy Industries is not limited to the supply of solar power plants for design, purchase and construction, but also provides a financial complex business model using project financing to maximize customer satisfaction through business analysis, consulting, and licensing support.

Wind Turbine

Hyosung Heavy Industries is a leader of the domestic wind power industry and the developer of Korea’s very first 750kW wind turbine. It is a human-oriented, environmentally-friendly global clean energy company that has acquired outstanding technology and integrated engineering capability through the development of the 2MW onshore wind turbine in 2009 and the 5.5MW offshore wind turbine in 2014

Motor & Generators

Hyosung Heavy Industries motors and generator
Hyosung Heavy Industries motors and generator

High Voltage Motor

Hyosung Heavy Industries complies with international standards such as KS, IEC and NEMA, and is produced with excellent insulation ability and low vibration/low noise design. It is installed in various industries such as Power Plant, Oil & Gas, petrochemicals, Desalination, ships, Steel, etc.

Low Voltage Motor

Hyosung Heavy Industries’ Low Voltage Motorss have achieved high reliability through strict quality control and rational design to meet international standards such as IEC and NEMA, and are evaluated as the most suitable motor for installation site and purpose.

DC Motors

Hyosung Heavy Industries’ DC motors have a square lamination system that has high-quality and reliability for fast and accurate responsiveness, wide speed selection range, low vibration and noise, convenient inspection, various mounting and high environmental resistance.

Special Motors

With the capability to manufacture all types of motors, ranging from general industrial motors to special-purpose, Hyosung is able to deliver optimum motors suitable for any place and any purpose.

Commercial Generators

Based on the know-how and technology of Hyosung Heavy Industries, the commercial generator meets various requirements of customers, IEC and NEMA standards, and has gained a high level of consumer trust. We supply stable quality products with an excellent insulation system, thorough process control and quality control, and we are providing high efficiency generators with continuous technology research. We can provide customized service according to customer’s various requirements and supply various protection class (IP20-IP55) and cooling method (IC01, IC81W, IC611, IC616, etc).

Emergency Power Generators

Hyosung Heavy Industries’ Emergency Power Generators is supplied everywhere in areas where power supply is impossible or where high-quality electricity is required in case of emergency.

Industrial Machine

Chemical Equipement

Based on the technology and experience accumulated over the past 25 years, Hyosung produces quality chemical equipment for petrochemical and oil & gas plant facilities all over the world.

Filling Stations

We provide various types of filling stations that can fill gas such as CNG&LNG/Hydrogen with the required volume, pressure and temperature. Our system consists of a compressor, gas storage, dispenser, monitoring system and other facilities according to type of gas. Hyosung Heavy Industries has a 40% market share in domestic CNG/LCNG/Hydrogen gas filling stations and also has case studies in overseas markets such as Indonesia, Russia and Uzbekistan.

Industrial Gas Supplying Systems

Industrial Gas Supplying system for gas power plants. We provide a gas-supplying system that contains compressors, gas storage, pressure-reducing unit, piping, and control & monitoring systems. They supply gas to the gas turbine/gas generator/gas engine. It can be applicable for LNG applications by adding ISO tank, vaporizer, cryogenic tanks, and pumps. Hyosung Heavy Industries has supplied the first CNG peaking gas power plant in Indonesia and we are now expanding our business to LNG gas power plants.

Gear Solutions

Gear Box

Based on the latest design and analysis technology, Hyosung Heavy Industries designs and manufactures gear boxes for steel, power, cement, rubber, petroleum and chemical equipment as well as for general industrial machinery.

Geared Motos

Hyosung’s geared motors are manufactured with ideal distribution of strength for compact, light-weight and high-precision, which enables smooth and low-noise operation.

Special Gear Units

With diverse applications and abundant experience, Hyosung Heavy Industries produces highly reliable products through experienced technical development personnel and various analysis, verification and testing.

Welding Solution

ARC Welding Machine

Hyosung Heavy Industries is a comprehensive welding machine maker and has continuously endeavored to develop the welding machine industry in Korea. We are devoted to producing better products to realize the quality and performance that our customers require. Based on the power electronic control technology and digital communication fusion technology we have accumulated since our establishment, along with a great deal of know-how and experience in welding, we have developed Full Digital ARC Welding Machine with our own technology and have enabled high-quality welding for automobiles.

Resistance Welding Machines

Resistance Welding Machines from Hyosung Heavy Industries are optimized for various user’s interfaces and characteristics of each material, and provide excellent welding and output characteristics . They are being sold both in domestic areas and overseas countries including Japan and China.

Special Spot Welding Machines

Spot Special welding machines such as Robot Seam, Roll & Spot, and Projection from Hyosung Heavy Industries are made on the foundation of design and manufacturing technology of Hyosung transformers that are recognized worldwide. We carry out designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing for all welding machines for exclusive use.

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