Ruelco Instrumentation Controls
Ruelco Instrumentation Controls

Ruelco Instrumentation Controls

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Ruelco Instrumentation Controls is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Instrumentation Controls. The versatility of our products is the greatest strength that we possess and our array of CNC machines allows for fast turnover and high accuracy in all of our processes. As new applications develop in the controls industry, we will be there to provide the design and manufacturing services to meet the demand of our customers.

Ruelco also has the ability to test every manufactured part at our in-house testing facility. Our 100% ISO 9001 certified quality control program ensures that only products which meet our high standards ever leave the shop. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and total satisfaction for each individual customer is what drives us to succeed today and in the future.

Ruelco also produces a wide range of other services, from military components to bottling accessories for automatic filling machines, in addition to our complete line of instrumentation controls and accessories.

About Ruelco Instrumentation Controls

Ruelco features a fully operational and fully integrated, climate controlled 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Using the latest in machine tools, our team can meet all of your machining needs. We also feature a lean machining process combined with a lights out program to optimize machine performance and capability. Using our experienced team of expert machinists and engineers, you have the knowledge that your product will always be manufactured to the highest quality and standards.

Ruelco has an ISO 9001 certified Quality Assurance and Quality Control program that enables to provide only the best parts to our customers. Ruelco is also able to offer a wide range of products that meet the latest requirements of NACE, ATEX and SIL.

Ruelco uses the JobPack scheduling system to monitor job status and schedule planning. This ensures that all machined parts are available when needed by our customers. Ruelco also utilizes the GibbsCam software to enable our machinists to program more efficiently and cost effectively. This product also allows our machinists to make complex parts which before now were difficult to program.

Ruelco is able to take the terms lean manufacturing and lights out manufacturing to a new level by using the advanced CNC features in combination with our trained machinists. All of our automatic CNC machines are run at night to increase our production day by at least 4 hours per machine. This gives us a great advantage in the market by providing parts and services more quickly and with an overall reduction in cost.

Ruelco employs a “machining cell” design to increase productivity. The cells are designed with function and space in mind, in order to eliminate multiple movements of parts from machine to machine. Machines which are put into the same cell are done so to give each cell a full range of tooling capabilities. This allows each cell to act independently of each other, but to deliver the flexibility and diversity which is required during the machining process.

Ruelco can provide precision cutting of bar stock with the use of our CNC saws. These CNC saws can cut in bundles or individual bars to any specified length.

Ruelco facilities contain a fully integrated assembly and testing area. This means that we have the ability to not only manufacture components, but also build and test them at one location. Feel free to contact us with your custom manufacturing requests.

Ruelco Instrumentation Controls Products

Ruelco Instrumentation Controls Products
Ruelco Instrumentation Controls Products

Pressure Switches

he Ruelco pressure switch is the most versatile, robust and easy to adjust pressure switch available. With a maximum overpressure up to 10,000 PSI at any set point or range, the standard Ruelco Pressure switch can be put into almost any pressure environment with 100% function reliability. The easy to change ranges add to the versatility of the product. Unlike our competitors, you will simply change one o-ring if a change of range is needed. This flexibility allows the Ruelco pressure switch to be used in a variety of applications. The combination of our experienced Engineering team and the simple o-ring design also allows the Ruelco switch to be outfitted to meet the customer’s specific fluid or temperature needs. Available in 3 different error ranges and instrument pressures up to 6,000 PSI, the Ruelco pressure switch family can meet any application.

The Ruelco Pressure Switch is used to detect and react to a high or low level signal from a flow source. When the predetermined level has been reached by the sense pressure, the switch will block the inlet instrument signal and bleed the outlet signal. This will cause an instrument pressure drop in the entire system. When a high/ low assembly is used in conjunction with a Ruelco relay, the system can…read more





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