Proteus Industries Inc.
Proteus Industries Inc.

Proteus Industries Flow Meter and Sensor

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Proteus Industries is Manufacturer of Innovative Flow Meter and Sensor. Our products are used in virtually every semiconductor fab around the world. Proteus Industries is dedicated to developing high quality and innovative flow management products and providing consistent customer satisfaction.

History About Proteus Industries Inc

Proteus Industries was founded by Jon Heiner in 1978. Starting his career in the semiconductor equipment industry and recognizing the need for reliable flow switch, he developed Proteus’ first flow switch, model 100B, and acquired his first customer, Varian Starting his flow technology venture in his parents’ basement, he began to expand and started developing, manufacturing, and marketing a range of rugged yet sensitive liquid flow switches, meters, and sensors.

Since that time, Proteus Industries has developed into the leader in flow measurement innovation and manufactures a complete line of flow management devices at the highest specifications in the industry. At Proteus, customer satisfaction is our number-one priority. We strive to provide quick and reliable support to ensure that our products and services meet our customers’ expectations.

Proteus Industries Product Categories

Flow Meters

6000 Series Flow Meter

Proteus 6000 Series
Proteus 6000 Series

Pulse output for easy interfacing with your PLC. Proteus 6000 Series Flow Meters use a simple turbine principle to generate a pulse output that is directly proportional to the instantaneous flow rate. Magnets in the six-spoke rotor turn a Hall Effect transistor on and off as liquid flows through the sensor.

PV6000 Series Vortex Flow Meters

Proteus PV6000 Series
Proteus PV6000 Series

Vortex Flow Meters. PV6000 Series flow meters utilize the vortex principle to provide accurate, reliable and cost-effective measurement of heat-transfer fluids and other liquids.

V7000 Series Flow Meters

Proteus V7000
Proteus V7000

Vortex Flow Meters. V7000 Series flow meters combine compact stainless steel bodies and sensitive, stable vortex sensors to produce high-value flow management tools.

FluidVision USFluidVision USB

Proteus V7000 Series USB Vortex
Proteus V7000 Series USB Vortex

FluidVision™ USB from Proteus Industries is a convenient and cost-effective way to connect flow meters directly to a computer for accurate and reliable measurement of liquids in closed-loop cooling systems.

Flow Switch

100 Series

Proteus Industries 1000 Series
Proteus Industries 1000 Series

100 Series Flow Switches. 100 Series flow switches monitor cooling fluids or other liquid flows and trip an internal relay if the flow rate falls below an adjustable trip point. The relay can be used to sound an alarm or shut down a system or process before damage is done to valuable equipment and products.

Proteus Services

Calibration Services

  • Calibrates flow devices for specific fluids
  • Rapid turnaround using ‘Quick Custom’ process
  • Single point calibration – normally at room temperature
  • Provides accuracy of 3% full scale, 2% optional
  • Kinematic Viscosity range to 150 cSt

Characterization Services

  • Design-In service for new OEM applications
  • Multi-point viscosity profile with the formula for PLC / Controller
  • Range testing: over-under flow scenarios with customer fittings
  • Application engineering assessment and recommendations
  • Documentation Kit Deliverables
    • Unique Part Number
    • 3D Model(s), 2D Dimensioned Drawing(s)
    • Manuals and Datasheets

Customization Services

  • Customization service for new OEM applications
  • Simple Customizations – cables, connectors, fittings, brackets
  • Complex Customizations – New Derivative Design
  • Custom Solutions Design based on ‘Flow Integrator’ Platform
    • Vortex based flow sensing, optional temperature
    • Fieldbus connectivity and integration
    • Control option to upstream / downstream device
    • Web GUI option for visualization and control
    • Real time closed loop control option: P, PI, or PID

Integrated Systems Design Services

  • Installs Proteus Sensors into an integrated system
  • Leverages reusable library of designs components
  • Extends your engineering team to the expertise of Proteus
  • Pre-engineered Components available for re-use
    • ARM based microcontroller environment
    • Library of digital / analog I/O circuits
    • Expertise in EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP™, ProfiNet and CANopen
    • Tofpine Flexible Manifold System
    • Web Based GUI




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