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Intra-Automation founded in 1977, the corporate activities were focused on measurement and control systems for flow, level, pressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure. Our mag. level gauges ITA and our flow sensors Itabar were the driving forces for the successful development of Intra-Automation GmbH.

All About Intra-Automation

Over the years, we have extended our product portfolio with devices for flow correction and ultrasonic measurement as well as auxiliary equipment for flow and level.

Today, Intra products are well known in more than 55 countries and in many industries around the world, including chemicals and pharmaceuticals and the oil and gas sector, in ship building, machinery and plant construction, in the foodstuffs industry, water treatment and environmental engineering.

Our product range includes level measuring and control devices for temperatures up to 400C˚ and a pressure range up to PN320 as well as differential pressure measuring instruments up to 1200C˚ and up to PN400.

A continuous quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and frequent redevelopment of our products secure a recognized quality and reliability as well as reproducible parameters for all products.

Flow Instruments

Intra-Automation Flow Instruments
Intra-Automation Flow Instruments

ITABAR Pitot Tube

The measuring principle of a Pitot Tube is based on the theory of differential pressure. A simple, though effective measurement method, combining low installation and operation costs with great reliability, for Gas, Liquid and Steam Flow monitoring. The process connection can be threaded or flanged. Intra Automation offers the choice of different sensors, depending on line size and flow. The WinFlow calculation software is applied in the determination of the sensor size.

Ultrasonic Series

The IntraSonic is a flowmeter for measuring the flow of volume in a piping system. Its working principle is the measurement of transit time differentials. The special feature of this system is installation under operating conditions. Further option are temperature inputs for energy calculations.

Orifice Assemblies

Orifice plates are used for flow rate measuring in pipe systems. With orifice plates a pressure drop is created. Based on the value of the pressure drop the flow rate can be calculated. Orifice plates are produced in accordance with ISO 5167.

Venturi Tubes

Whenever pressure loss is an issue, Venturi Tubes are a good alternative to Orifice Assemblies and Flow Nozzles.
The main advantages of Venturi Tubes are the combination of low pressure loss, high reliability and good protection against catching sludges.

Flow Nozzles

Flow Nozzles are an alternative to orifice plates whenever it comes to the measurement of high speed flows. Its unique design features gives an exceptional strength, allowing a 60% higher flow rate.

Sight Glasses

The Sight Glass is designed to visually monitor volume flows.

Cone Flow Meter

The new concept of flow measurement by differential pressure theory it eliminates weak points by orifice plate & Vortex Flow Meter.

Wedge Tube

Suitable for a wide reynolds range of flow measurement, for measuring clean and non-clean fluids such as slurries fluids.

Level Instruments

Intra-Automation Level Instruments
Intra-Automation Level Instruments

ITA Magnetic Level Gauge

The ITA level indicators offers a reliable, accident-free and maintenance-free usage through a simple and break-resistant construction at a maximum process pressure of 320 bar and a temperature range from -50 °C through 400 °C. The fluid level is indicated directly with a separation of the measurement and indication area. The magnetic transfer of the fluid level from the tank to the indicator is continuous and vibration- resistant, even in the case of fast changing levels.

Tank Level Transmitter / Switch

The ITA T1S/R are top mount Magnetic Level Transmitters/ Level Switches.

Maglink Magnetic Tank Gauge

The Maglink is a mechanically geared tank level gauge, where a magnet, connected to the drive cable, follows the float. Level is visualized by an analogue, at eye level clock without external power supply. This guarantees a simple,  reliable measurement, that requires no calibration. Remote electronic indicators or alarm switches can be connected.

Transparent Level Gauges

Transparent Level Gauges are used to observe visually the level of various liquids in high pressure and temperature environments.

Tubular Type Level Gauge

A Tubular Level Gauges is an economic solution, visualizing fluid levels in low temperature and pressure environments.

Reflex Level Gauge

Reflex Level Gauges are used to observe visually the level of various liquids in high pressure and temperature environments, especially steam lines, through the transmission of light.

Reflex gauge with integrated Heating/Cooling

In order to solve viscosity problems caused by low environment temperatures, a heating can be integrated in the instrument.

Illuminator Type Level Gauge

Illuminator Level Gauges are designed for monitoring fluid level in environments with low illumination.

Guided Wave Radar

Contact-free level measurement for all kinds of liquids in vessels and tanks and many other applications.

Transmitter for Liquid Level

The continuous measuring of liquid level, interface and density is based on Archimedes buoyancy principle. An element submerged in liquid (process wetted, cylindrical measuring element) is subjected to a buoyancy force, proportionate to the weight force of the fluid volume displaced.

Float and Displacer Level Switches

Float and Displacer Switches for liquid level limitation. Rugged design for long lifetime.

System Components

Intra-Automation System Components
Intra-Automation System Components

Purge Unit

While monitoring particle contaminated flows, Pitot Tube Flow Meters can loose accuracy over time caused by congestion. Instead of manual maintenance, a purge unit can be installed to clean the Flow Sensor automatically on a regular basis.

Flow Computers / Displays

Intra-Automation offers a wide range of displays, that can be executeed with integrated controller functions.


In cooperation with the leading electronics manufacturers, Intra Automation takes care of the sizing, installation and calculation process of the approved dp flow transmitter.

ITA AVK Level Transmitter

All ITA Level Gauges can be equipped with an AVK level transmitter. The AVK is designed to pick up the Magnetic Float Level signal, and converts it into an analogue signal.


Level switches come in uncertified and certified ATEX EEx d, EEx ia executions. Intra Automation Level switches are designed to react on the magnetic signal of the ITA Level Gauge Float Magnets. There is a wide choice of different types of switches, for all kind of environments.


For compatibility reasons, Intra Automation products can be completed with accessories, in order to guarantee compatibility with other brand products.

Head Transmitter

Two-wire head-mounted transmitter are used in combination with our Flow Sensor type Itabar as R/I head-mounted transmitter for integrated temperature measurement. For our mag. Level Gauge type ITA they are used for the option with the reed chain (AVK) as R/I transmitter.

Calibration pots for pumps

These calibration pots can be used for correct pump-setting, easy fault detection and reduction of operational cost. They are designed for the oil- and gas industry in order to meet today’s strict requirements.




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