KSB Pumps, Valves and Service

KSB Pumps, Valves and Service for Every Application

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KSB Pumps, valves and service for every application, our highly efficient, reliable solutions are used wherever fluids need to be transported, controlled or shut off.

The History of KSB Pumps, Valves and Service

Greater efficiency was the goal of Johannes Klein when he designed his boiler feed apparatus in 1871. His invention trapped the steam generated by steam engines and fed it back into the boiler as water. Together with the entrepreneurs Friedrich Schanzlin and Jakob Becker, Klein laid the foundations for today’s KSB Group with this innovative product.

Efficiency, reliability and sustainability have been the driving forces behind the company ever since. Pumps and valves made by KSB have continually set new benchmarks – in projects around the globe.

The company has remained steadily on course throughout the years, even in difficult times. Through targeted investments, KSB has strategically expanded its business areas. KSB prides itself on being a reliable partner to its customers and a safe harbour for investors – and this will not change in the future.

Today, over 15,000 employees around the world continue the company’s work guided by the principles of its founders. These are the people who are passionate about making sure that KSB’s customers enjoy outstanding performance. True to our motto: People. Passion. Performance.

All About KSB Pumps, Valves and Service

From standard products for applications in building services and industry, custom made units for the mining and energy sectors to special solutions for transporting water or chemicals ─ we provide our customers with highest-quality pumps and valves. These products offer a long service life, minimal wear and maintenance as well as optimal energy efficiency.

As a customer-focused company, KSB’s structure also adapts to the needs and requirements of its customers. Today, all of KSB’s business activities are managed in three Segments: Pumps, with its six Market Areas, Valves and Service.

This allows us to optimally respond to the peculiarities and special requirements as well as offer the most efficient solutions in the markets we serve.

  • Petrochemicals/chemicals
  • Water
  • Building services
  • Mining
  • General industry
  • Energy

KSB Pumps, Valves and Service : set standards and provide customised solutions

In its 150 years of history, KSB has set international standards for pumps and valves more than just once. Thanks to the materials developed in-house, KSB’s own foundries and the early integration of additive manufacturing, we can develop customised pumps and valves for all applications – including the most complex and challenging ones.

We assist and advise our customers from the initial planning phase, to developing and realising custom pump and valve solutions, through to daily use. To this end, we always think of our pumps and valves as an integral part of the system they are used in, which is why we optimise them for the application in question.

Our customers know that we are not just in the business of selling products, but also offering customised solutions for today and beyond. After all, this is what we have been pursuing for 150 years! True to our anniversary motto: People. Passion. Performance.

The Product of KSB Pumps, Valves and Service

Our customers are individuals and so are our solutions, products and services. Every sector, market and region has their own special requirements on pumps and valves. When our customers start a new project involving high-efficiency pumps and valves, they know that we at KSB listen to them carefully. We want to understand the particular challenges of each and every project. This is the only way we can find an optimum solution together with our customers and master every challenge.

How we combine our focus on our customers’ requirements and draw on our 150 years of passion for technological progress and innovation is what our customers appreciate about KSB. At the same time we give everything to continuously improve our know-how by conducting ongoing research and using the latest technologies.

Efficient and innovative: Pumps from KSB

KSB Pumps Products
KSB Pumps Products

There is hardly any industry that does not rely on effective and efficient pumps. Our customers have trusted in KSB’s innovative and reliable pumps for more than 150 years. They know that they can come to us with any challenge – and that we will jointly find tailored solutions and products that set standards.

Reliably shutting off and controlling liquids: Valves from KSB

KSB Valves Products
KSB Valves Products

Wherever our customers have to shut off or control liquids and gases KSB valves have proven their worth. With diameters of 15 to 4000 millimetres and a nominal pressure between PN 6 and PN 500 our valves cover almost every application.





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