Sierra SmartTrak® 100 HP Ultra-High Pressure Digital Gas Mass Flow Meters

SmartTrak® 100 HP Ultra-High Pressure Digital Gas Mass Flow Meters
Sierra SmartTrak® 100 HP Ultra-High Pressure Digital Gas Mass Flow Meters
SmartTrak® 100 HP Ultra-High Pressure Digital Gas Mass Flow Meters

Precision flow measurement and control at very high gas pressures is among the most challenging applications in the flow industry. Leaks, gas behavioral changes, and unpredictable valve control can all lead to reduced performance.

Designed to overcome these challenges, the 100HP combines the high performance of the SmartTrak® with a wider, more robust flow body, all-welded sensor seals, an innovative new valve design called ValFlex™, and a state-of-the-art high pressure calibration facility. The result is an instrument with increased application flexibility and accuracy in high pressure gas flow control applications.

To increase valve performance and accuracy under high pressures, Sierra’s proprietary ValFlex™ valve seat technology uses a flexible, high-impact, carbonreinforced polyamide valve seat material to assure smooth interaction with the valve orifice. The result is precision control over a wide range of flows from 100 sccm to 20 slpm with an industry leading leak-by as little as 4 sccm at 5000 psid (345 bard), dependant on the orifice used.

Because traditional valve seat elastomers like Viton, Neoprene and Kalrez swell and deform under high pressures, the 100HP uses harder, denser seals to minimize gas permeability.

To ensure the 100HP delivers precise, high pressure measurement and control, each unit is calibrated on our proprietary NIST traceable high-pressure calibration facility using a gas booster, high-pressure accumulator tanks, and mirrored precision pressure gauges, yielding highly accurate inlet and outlet pressures to match the customer’s application perfectly.

An instrument designed with purpose, the 100HP is a versatile solution for the most challenging highpressure gas mass flow applications.

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