HLM–25C HLM-Dinel-Hydrostatic Level Meter
HLM–25C HLM-Dinel-Hydrostatic Level Meter

HLM–25C HLM-Dinel-Hydrostatic Level Meter

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Dinel Hydrostatic Level Meter is a compact measuring device containing a ceramic geometric sensor and evaluation electronics in a stainless steel probe. The ceramic sensor is resistant to lightly soiled, or sludge water. From the probe, the housing comes out 2-wire cable with a capillary (for atmospheric pressure compensation). The front side of the sensor is open, therefore the level meter is resistant to capturing gross (solid) impurities. The level meter has no customer-accessible adjusting elements.


  • For continuous level measurement of clean, lightly soiled, or sludge water in non-pressure reservoirs, boreholes, tanks, etc.
  • Precise customer choice of the measurement range up to 100 m (H2O)
  • The health certificate for contact with potable water is available
  • Current or Voltage output
  • Easy “plug and play” installation without any settings


Supply voltage HLM–25C–_ _ _ _–I 12 … 34 V DC
HLM–25C–_ _ _ _–U 12 … 34 V DC
Current output HLM–25C–_ _ _ _–I 4 … 20 mA
Voltage output HLM–25C–_ _ _ _–U 0 … 10 V
Power consumption (off-load) HLM–25C–_ _ _ _–U Max. 8 mA
Pressure permissible overload 1,5x range
Basic error – accuracy (hysteresis, repeatability, non-linearity) 0,4% of range
Long-term stability 0,3 % / Year
Temperature error (for 0 … +50°C) Max. 0,04% / K
Compensated temperature range 0 … +50°C
Ambient temperature range (medium temperature) -20 … +70 °C
Maximal load resistance for current output (U = 24 V DC) Rmax= 600 Ω
Minimal load resistance for voltage output Rmin= 1 kΩ
Protection class IP68
Used materials Probe housing St. steel W.Nr. 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
Membrane Ceramic Al2O3 96%
Sealing O-rings FPM; EPDM
Cable isolation Plastic PE
Cable gland Silicon ELASTOSIL
Weight Sensor 180 g
Cable (1 m) 60 g

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