Flux Pump Kits COMBIFLUX for Smaller Quantities

COMBIFLUX for Smaller Quantities
COMBIFLUX for Smaller Quantities
COMBIFLUX for Smaller Quantities

FLUX drum pumps, barrel pumps and container pumps are suitable for pumping various low-viscosity and also especially aggressive and highly-flammable fluids. Constructed on the modular design, different pumps are able to be driven by the same motor. As a result of their low weight the pumps can be easily carried from container to container. The easy handling of motor and pump keeps changeover times short.

These for different applications pre-assembled pump kits consisting of motor, pump, hose, hand nozzle and compression gland are ideal for fast use. They are designed for emptying containers such as 200 l drums and IBCs.

The small drum pump COMBIFLUX with removable motor FBM-B 3100 is particularly suitable for pumping comparatively small quantities from containers such as cans or up to 200 litre drums. The small diameter of the outer tube allows pumping even out of narrow openings. The pump kits consists of pump with motor, 1,5 m hose and hand nozzle.


  • Connection motor and pump via quick-action coupling
  • Sealless in the liquid area
  • Small outer tube diameter
  • Holding hook for hand nozzles at the pump discharge
  • Low weight


Read More:https://inaparts.com/industrial-machine-equipment/pumps/flux-pump-kits-combiflux-for-smaller-quantities/

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