Adjustable Paddle Flow Controllers CDSP 25

Bamo Adjustable Paddle Flow Controllers CDSP 25

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Adjustable Paddle Flow Controllers CDSP 25
Adjustable Paddle Flow Controllers CDSP 25

The CDSP 25 operates with a combination of a paddle and a diaphragm. The flow pushes the paddle, which actuates a switch. It is easy to change the length of the paddle to adapt the controller to a flow range for a specific diameter.
The trigger point as well is adjustable. The electrical part is encapsulated and is thus isolated from the liquid. Models CDSP 25 – FI or FL are designed for the low flow-rates.


CDSP 25 operates in all positions. The flow direction is engraved on the body. CDSP’s fitting is NPT 1” male thread.
It comes with 4 paddles to use according the pipe diameter. When mounting on vertical piping, the mass of the paddle must be compensated by acting on an internal adjusting screw. When mounting upside down, the liquid may not contain impurities that could concentrate around the protection of the axis. Upstream and downstream straight distances must be equal to 5 times the inner diameter of the pipe.


The number of paddle is related to the diameter of the pipe; Adjustment by adding a paddle on the first one, and so on. The controller is set at the factory at the minimum flow rate; the trigger point is increased by adjusting screw, clockwise.


  • For clear liquids
  • On-line mounting; ND 25 to ND 200
  • Stainless steel or brass versions
  • Up to 11 bar: brass; Up to 30 bar: AISI 316
  • Adjustable trigger point
  • Liquid temperature: -40 … +120 °C
  • Ambient temperature: Max. 85 °C
  • Potential free contact


Flow-rate control for piping systems where a minimum flow rate is necessary, maximum safety (chillers, coolers, lubrication, pump protection, etc.)

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