Burkert Type 5404 Servo-assisted 2/2-way Piston Valve

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The 5404 valve is a servo-assisted piston valve available in NC and NO versions. A minimum differential pressure is required for the valve switching function. The solenoid coils are moulded with high-quality epoxy resin. In combination with a plug to DIN EN 175301-803 Form A, the valves satisfy degree of protection IP65. The plug is not included and must be ordered separately. This product can be combined with Cable Plug type 2518.

Burkert Type 5404 Servo-assisted 2/2-way Piston Valve
Type 5404 Servo-assisted 2/2-way Piston Valve


  • Servo-assisted piston valve with an orifice up to DN50
  • Explosion proof versions for Cat. 2
  • Suitable for gas and steam applications up to 160°C
  • Relief valves for compressors
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