Kobold DRB Turbine Wheel Flowmeter

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Kobold DRB Turbine Wheel Flowmeter
Pulse / Analogue Output DRB-..F, DRB-..L
Kobold DRB Turbine Wheel Flowmeter
Analogue Output DRB with AUF

The KOBOLD flowmeter model DRB is used for measuring and monitoring liquids. The device works according the well-known blade wheel principle. The four vane blade wheel is retained radially in a high quality sapphire bearing. The sensor is supplied ready-to-install with pipe fittings or with weld-on sleeves. The blade wheel is set in motion by the flowing medium. Magnets are embedded hermetically sealed in the ends of the blade wheels. The magnets generate electrical pulses in a Halleffect sensor mounted outside the flow area. Various electronics units can be used to display and monitor the volumetric flow.

Kobold DRB Turbine Wheel Flowmeter
Compact Electronic DRB-..C3
Kobold DRB Turbine Wheel Flowmeter
Digital Display DRB with ADI
Kobold DRB Turbine Wheel Flowmeter
Dosing Electronic DRB with ZED


Fields of Application

  • cooling water monitoring
  • general mechanical engineering
  • waste water treatment
  • heavy goods industry
  • chemical industry


Technical Details


  • Housing:
    stainless steel 1.4581
    stainless steel 1.3955 (DRB…W)
  • Seals:
    brass version: NBR
    stainless steel version: FPM
  • Turbine wheel: PVDF
  • Axle: hard metal (DRB-11… and DRB-12..) ceramic (DRB-1300..)
  • Bearing: ceramic (DRB-11… and DRB-12..) ceramic/PEEK (DRB-1300..)


Read More:https://inaparts.com/flow-measurement/kobold-drb-turbine-wheel-flowmeter/

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