Ryuki ODM-300 Differential Pressure Flow Meter

Diagram is of model ODM-300SDR Standard Type

A diagram is of model ODM-300SDR Standard Type

Differential pressure is generated by throttling fluid that is flowing in a pipe at (A) as shown in the diagram. By measuring the differential pressure, you can determine the flow rate. In the case of this flow meter, the differential pressure generated in the differential pressure detector in received by a diaphragm of the indicator and the movement make the needle shake mechanically with a cam mechanism and the flow rate is indicated.

  • Model ODM-300: General industrial water, seawater, oil, chemicals, other liquids, and similar fluids.
  • Model ODM-300S: Contacts are provided for model ODM-300 so that in addition to flow rate indication, it can show whether or not there is a specified flow rate.
Ryuki ODM-300
Ryuki ODM-300


Read More:https://inaparts.com/flow-measurement/ryuki-odm-300-differential-pressure-flow-meter/

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