KEPmLINE PID Temperature Controller mL-PIDTC

The mL-PIDTC series temperature controllers are designed for measuring and controlling a temperature value. They can be used in many applications with their TC and RTD temperature measurement input, multi-function control outputs, selectable alarm functions.

They are mainly used in glass, plastic, petrochemistry, textile, automotive and machine production industries. Accurate and advanced controlling is performed with selectable ON-OFF, P, PI, PD, PID and Self Tune/Auto-Tune PID functions.


  • 3 digit process (PV) and 4 digit set (SV) display
  • Temperature sensor input (TC, RTD)
  • Programmable ON/OFF, P, PI, PD & PID control forms
  • Adaptation of PID Coefficients to the system with Self-Tune and Auto-Tune
  • Programmable Heating or Cooling Functions for Control Output
  • Selectable Alarm Functions for Alarm Output
  • Serial RS485 Communication (optional


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