Fluidwell B Series Flow rate indicators and Batch Control

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Fluidwell  Basic Total Flow Rate  with a capital B

Fluidwell B series

Fluidwell introduces the new B-Series product range. The Fluidwell B-Series are basic indicators featuring the same high-quality standards Fluidwell realizes throughout its portfolio:

They’re extremely durable, reliable and easy to operate. The smart design of the rugged IP65 (Type4) GRP enclosure, ensures optimal mounting possibilities in various situations. Fluidwell B-Series can be field mounted, wall mounted or connected directly on the flowmeter.


Fluidwell B-Series is a product range of indicators with basic functionalities in non-compromised quality according to Fluidwell’s high-end standards. The B-Series indicators feature a competitive price level (especially in larger quantities) and offer several options for customization in among others color, logo placement, and enclosure.


Fluidwell B-Series is extremely practical in use. The display, menu, and navigation structure are designed according to the Fluidwell “know one, know them all” principle, which enhances easy and intuitive control of various Fluidwell totalizers, flow computers, and other displays.


Durable IP65 (Type4) field, wall or meter mount enclosure. Compact design.
Intuitive “Know one, know them all!” configuration menu, saving time, cost and aggravation.
Cost-friendly price levels for larger quantities.

Branding possibilities by several enclosure customization options.

  • B-Series products Fluidwell
  • B-Basic: Fluidwell Flow rate Indicator / Totalizer
  • B-Smart: Fluidwell Flow rate Indicator / Totalizer with a pulse and analog output
  • B-Alert: Fluidwell  Flow rate Monitor / Totalizer with alarm/pulse outputs
  • B-In-Control: Fluidwell Batch Controller with control outputs


Fluidwell supports teams of engineers with expertise in the design and manufacturing of process instrumentation. Fluidwell adds value to OEM products by safeguarding a high degree of quality.

All products are designed and manufactured in the Fluidwell facilities in The Netherlands. The B-Series – is a cost-effective customization platform – fits the needs of OEMs seamlessly.

Available services:

  • Blue polyester front foil without Fluidwell logo
  • Custom front foil options with client logo
  • Custom color front/back cover
  • Custom manual cover
  • Custom labels
  • Custom enclosure
  • Custom software/hardware

Fluidwell B Series Basic Flow rate Indicators Model Number

B-BASIC Fluidwell Flow Indicator

Flow rate Indicator / Totalizer,  more, nothing less. B-Basic is a local indicator to display the actual flow rate, total and accumulated total.

The total can be reset to

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