Fuji FSC Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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Fuji FSC Portable Ultrasonic FLow Meter

Portable type ultrasonic flowmeter consists of a compact and lightweight flow transmitter and a clamp-on detector. With the latest electronics and the digital signal processing technology, it delivers precise measurement while allowing easy operation.

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Measuring Object

  • Measurement Fluid : Uniform liquid in which ultrasonic waves can propagate.
  • Turbidity of fluid : 10000 mg/L or less.
  • State of fluid : well-developed turbulent or laminer flow in a filled pipe.
  • Fluid Temperature : -40 to +200°C
  • Measuring range : 0 … ±0.3 to ±32m/s

Piping Conditions

  • Applicable piping material : select from carbo steel, stainless steel, cast iron, PVC, FRP, Copper, Aluminium, Acrylic or material of known sound velocity.
  • Pipe Size
    • Flow Rate measurement : ø13 to ø6000 mm
    • Flow Velocity profile measurement : ø40 to ø1000 mm
  • Lining material : Select fromno lining, tar epoxy, mortar, rubber, teflon, pyrex glass or material of known sound velocity
  • Straight pipe lenght : 10D o more upstream and 5D or more downstream.

Performance Specification

Accuracy rating:

Pipe inner diameterFlow velocity rangeAccuracy
ø13 to ø50 mm2 to 32 m/s±1.5% to 2.5% of rate
0 to 2 m/s±0.03 m/s
ø50 to ø300 mm2 to 32 m/s±1.0% to 1.5% of rate
0 to 2 m/s±0.02 to 0.03 m/s
ø300 to ø600 mm1 to 32 m/s±1.0% to 1.5% of rate
0 to 1 m/s±0.01 to 0.02 m/s

Note 1) Reference conditions are based on JEMIS-032.
Note 2) Refer to the 4 pages for the accuracy according to kind of detector

Flow Transmitter

  • Power supply: Built-in battery or AC power adapter.
    • Built-in battery : Exclusive lithium button battery (5000 mAh). Continous operation time, approx. 12 hours (without printer, backlight OFF, output current not used and at normal ambient temperature (20°C)). Recharging time, approx. 3 hours (power adapter used).Recharging temperature range : 0 to +40°C. Power consumption : Min. 3W and Max. 16W. The consumption varies depending on the used conditions.
    • Power adapter : Exclusive power adapter 100V to 240V +10%/-15% AC (50/60 Hz), 90 VA or less.
  • Display : TFT color graphic LCD 240 x 320 (with backlight) Neasurement value (instantaneous flow rate, integrated flow rate) and various settings are displayed. Excellent visibilty even outdoors in direct sunlight.
  • Analog Output Signal : 4 to 20mA DC, one point (load resistance, 600Ω or less). Instantaneous velocity, instantaneous flow rate or heat quantity (calorie) after scaling.
  • Analog Input Signal : Total 2 point inputs
    • 4 to 20mA DC, one point (input resistance, 200Ω or less)
    • 4 to 20 mA DC, one point (input resistance, 200Ω or less) or1 to 5V DC, one point
    • Used to input temperature for heat quantity measurement, etc.

Reference : https://www.fujielectric.com/

Data Sheet Fuji FSC Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

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