Onicon F3500 Series Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter

ONICON Incorporated’s F-3500 series insertion electromagnetic flowmeters are suitable for measuring electrically conductive liquids in a wide variety of applications.

Each F-3500 provides a single analog output for flow rate, a high-resolution frequency output to drive peripheral devices, scalable pulse output for totalization, and an empty pipe alarm signal. Two versions of the F-3500 are now available.

The standard configuration F-3500 is suitable for pipe sizes ranging from 3” to 72” in diameter. The small pipe configuration F-3500 is suitable for pipes ranging in size from 1¼” to 2½” in diameter. Optional remote displays and BTU measurement systems are also available for both versions.


  • Accurate, reliable flow measurement for HVAC applications
  • Ideal for monitoring open-loop condenser water flow
  • Hot tap design simplifies domestic water retrofit installations
  • The cost-effective way to monitor flow in larger pipe sizes
  • Suitable for use in water and water/glycol systems

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Accuracy±1.0% of reading from 2 – 20 ft/s
± 0.02 ft/s below 2 ft/s
Flow Range0.1 ft/s to 20 ft/s (200:1 turndown)
Sensor MethodElectromagnetic sensor (no moving parts)
Pipe Size RangeStandard Configuration:3- 72” nominal diameter
Small Pipe Configuration:1¼ – 2½” nominal diameter
Input Power20 – 28 VDC, 250 mA at 24 VDC
20 – 28 VAC, 60 Hz, 6 VA
Temperature Range15°F to 250°F
Ambient Temperature Range-20°F to 150°F
Operating Pressure400 psi maximum
Pressure DropStandard Configuration:0.1 psi at 12 ft/s in 3” pipe, decreasing as line size increases
Small Pipe Configuration:0.33 psi at 8 ft/s in 1.25” pipe, decreasing as the line size increases
Output Signal ProvidedAnalog Output (Isolated)Selectable: 4-20 mA, 0-10 V or 0-5 V
Frequency Output0-15 V peak pulse, 0-500 Hz
Scalable Pulse OutputIsolated solid-state dry contact
Contact rating: 50 VDC, 100 mA maximum
Pulse duration: 0.5, 1, 2 or 6 second
MaterialWetted metal components:316 Stainless Steel
Sensor head:XAREC
Optional:NSF/ANSI 61/372 version
Electronics EnclosureWeathertight NEMA 4 aluminum enclosure
Electrical Connections10’ of PVC jacketed cable with ½” NPT conduit connection
Dedicated earth wire required
4-wire minimum for power and analog output
Additional wires required for pulse, frequency and alarm outputs

Ordering Information

Meter Model Number Coding= F-35AA-BB-CC-DEFG(-SPC)


AA = Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter

  • 00 = Insertion electromagnetic flowmeter

BB = Outputs

  • 11 = Frequency, isolated analog, scaled pulse and alarm (dry contacts)
  • 12 = Frequency, isolated analog, bi-directional, scaled pulse and alarm (dry contacts)*

CC = Pipe Size Range and Meter Length

  • A1 = 1.25 – 2.5” (F-3500 Small Pipe)
  • C3 = 3.0 – 10.0”
  • D4 = 3.0 – 16.0”
  • E5 = 3.0 – 22.0”
  • F6 = 3.0 – 72”

D = Process Connection

  • 1 = 1” NPT adapter. ⅜” stem

E = Wetted Material

  • 1 = 316 SS, XAREC, Viton, Temp < 150°F
  • 2 = 316 SS, XAREC, FKM, Temp ≤ 250°F
  • 3 = 316 SS, XAREC, EPDM, NSF rated for domestic water

F = Electronics Enclosure

  • 1 = NEMA 4 weathertight enclosure

G = Wiring Connection

  • 1 = 10’ PVC jacketed cable, pigtail with ½” conduit adapter

SPC = Special Configuration

*For 3” and larger pipes

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