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Hydraulic Breaaker

Introduction to Hydraulic Breaker

Hydraulic breaker machines have an enormous power, which is both an effective and productive machine to crush various materials. Depends on its application on the field, there are several types of Hydraulic breakers, with light, medium and heavy power capacity.

The lighter type of hydraulic breaker mostly can be operated by humans, and commonly referred to as handheld hydraulic breakers. This hydraulic breaker with light power capacity is commonly used in areas that are not accessible to the machine with a bigger power capacity. For areas that are accessible to heavier machines, a heavy hydraulic hammer can be installed on backhoes, excavators, etc.

Mechanical Operations

When using a hydraulic breaker that is not a super-light-type (handheld) and must be operated by heavy equipment machinery, the heavy equipment used to operate the hydraulic, must be adjusted to the type and capacity of the hydraulic breaker. This is directly related to the machine’s performance, in this case, where heavy equipment machine used must have a capacity comparable to the hydraulic breaker installed.

Hydraulic Breaker

The power generated by a hydraulic breaker is very dependent on the heavy machinery’s capabilities. Hydraulic oil flow is needed to generate power. The capacity of the hydraulic pump determines the power supplied in the form of hydraulic oil flow’s velocity and pressures. The capacity of hydraulic power as a result of pump power generated volumes of flow and oil pressure which are flowed to the hydraulic breaker.

Mounting kit, that can drain hydraulic oil from the Pump machine to the breaker, is needed for installation of hydraulic breaker on heavy machinery. Quick coupler and pin grabbing are usually used for easier breaker positioning. Doing so will make the system less complicated and the machine can better facilitate the operation.


The hydraulic breaker is well suited for a variety of applications. Mostly used in demolition, construction, mining/excavation application, such as:

  • Roadworks for both concrete and asphalt
  • Digging for foundation placement to find and destroy obstructing boulders, rocks, other foundations, etc.
  • For demolishing the bridge, etc.
  • Etc.

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