Functions and Types of Oil Skimmer

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Oil skimmer, or commonly referred to as oil separator, is a tool that functions to separate liquid particles that are above other fluids or other floating liquids because the liquid is not homogeneous. As an example, most often that can be encountered is liquid in the form of oil floating above the liquid in the form of water.

The function of the oil skimmer is a tool used to separate liquid particles that are above other fluids or floating liquids because the liquid is not homogeneous and what we often encounter is an oil liquid floating above the liquid water and often also called the oil separator.

Oil skimmer tools vary in types and are effective to separate oil from water. In most manufacturing industries oil skimmer is used to separate the oil CONTENT mixed in the cooling liquid (coolant) which can be often seen in heat treatment, cutting, grinding, and milling. This oil usually flows from slides, gears, and other parts of the engine that require lubrication. The oil that got mixed in the coolant could result in the coolant not functioning properly until oil is fully separated from the coolant liquid.

Oil skimmers are effective enough to separate oil from water, where the amount of oil is very large. In many manufacturing industries, oil skimmers are used to reduce the oil mixed in the coolant liquid both in the heat treatment, cutting, grinding and milling processes, where the oil usually flows from slides, gears, and other parts of the engine that require lubrication. the result of the oil content mixed in the coolant causes the coolant not to function optimally so it needs to be separated from the oil from the coolant liquid.

Aside from what mentioned above, oil skimmer also functions to gather oil spills at sea caused by leaking in tankers, etc. In industries such as hospitality or culinary, the vegetable oil as waste from the cooking process, also needs to be separated as not to clog the drain. Aside from that, the separation is also done to reduce wastewater treatment (WWT) and reduce the occurrence of environmental pollution.

The function of oil removal

Another function of the Oil skimmer is to lift the oil spill at sea due to leaky or other tankers. In the hospitality industry or in restaurants, usually vegetable oil, the rest of the cooking process, usually also needs to be separated so as not to clog the drains or what is often done is to reduce the treatment process cost (WWT) so that environmental pollution does not occur.

The type of oil skimmer usually adjusted to the needs and some parameters that can be used to determine the type of oil skimmer that most suitable, are;

  • Type of oil/grease mixed in the water
  • Work location of the oil skimmer (indoor, outdoor, static or moving (like at sea))
  • Liquid temperature
  • The amount of oil compared to the separated liquid
  • The capacity of the oil skimmer
  • Separation function whether for the machine, ponds/pools, or sea

Type Of Oil Skimmers

There are several ways of working the oil skimmer tool, by gravity, where the oil floats on top of the oil skimmer and is pushed by the skimmer into a storage container. Some of them also use belts and are often called belt skimmers, where belt materials also come from plastic and metal materials.

But there are many more using other methods, such as; using wheels or turning drums coated with substances that can draw oil from contaminated water, and often called drum oil skimmer. There is one type which uses a centrifugal pump that floats above the water surface, this type is called floating oil skimmer, the one that uses a rope is called rope oil skimmer, and then there is one that uses pipes, etc.

And for the general industries, the separation of oil is usually accompanied by solid material such as in the process of cutting and grinding. The method of separation is developed and started using buckets to gather and separate oil and solid wastes from the grinding and cutting process simultaneously from the coolant liquid.

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