Rheonik RHE 28 – Field / Wall Mount Coriolis mass flow transmitter

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The Rheonik RHE28 mass flow transmitter is an advanced function transmitter in a rugged epoxy coated enclosure designed for field mounting. With enclosure ratings up to IP67, the RHE28 has the flexibility to be installed in both ordinary and hazardous areas (Zone 2).

Mass flow transmitter RHE Rheonik

The multifunction capability provides real-time mass and volumetric flow plus density and temperature indication with the option of connecting external sensors such as pressure transducers or precision densitometers for even greater measurement accuracy.

Features such as API Standard Volume correction and Net Oil calculation are available.

The Rheonik RHE28 mass flow transmitter supports connection to any of the wide range of RHM series of mass flow sensors and can be supplied with a tamperproof switch for critical applications.

When the unique Rheonik Assurance Factor® advanced diagnostics package is included, The Rheonik RHE28 mass flow transmitter provides deep insight into measurement conditions for precise process control and optimization.

Volumetric Flow
FUNCTIONS Batch / Filling Control
Standard Volume Gas Flow
Assurance Factor®
API std. Volume, Net Oil
Tamperproof Lock Switch
OUTPUTS 2 x Analog
2 x Frequency / Pulse
2 x Digital Status
INPUTS 2 x Digital
1 x Analog
RS 485 / Modbus RTU
HART over Analog
DISPLAY Backlit Color LCD


  • General and Critical Process Flow
  • Feedstock And Transfers
  • Batching and mixing
  • Custody transfer
  • Allocation metering

More Information: Brochure RHE28

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Kind of Coriolis Mass Flow Meter from RHEONIK

1. Small Size Coriolis Mass Flow Sensor

Ideal for embedded systems and precise small flow applications

2. Medium Size Coriolis Mass Flow Sensor

Suited to industrial and process flow control and monitoring

3. Large Size Coriolis Mass Flow Sensor

Perfect for material movements in small and wide-scale operations

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