Greyline SFM 6.1 – Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter For Slurry

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Greyline Flow Meter Ultrasonic | Clamp-On Flow Meter forSlurry

Feature :

  • Optimized for Slurries
  • Easy, Intuitive Set-Up
  • 5 Button Menu System
  • Isolated 4-20mA Output
  • Up to 6 Control Relays
  • Optional Built-In Data Logger

The Greyline SFM 6.1 Ultrasonic Flow Meter was specifically developed for the slurry applications found in today’s coal-fired power plants. Using a proprietary algorithm specifically designed for measuring slurry flow, the SFM 6.1 incorporates more than 25 years of Greyline ultrasonic flow measurement experience.

The Ultrasonic Flow Meter  SFM 6.1 for Slurry works best in applications that would defeat regular contacting flow meters. Because the sensor is mounted on the outside of the pipe, it is unaffected by abrasive slurries or harsh chemicals. There is no obstruction to flow and no pressure drop.

Each SFM 6.1 Slurry Flow Meter includes a strap-on ultrasonic sensor, an adjustable stainless steel mounting clamp, and a sensor coupling compound. The sensor fits on the outside of any pipe diameter ½” (12.7 mm) or larger. It takes just a few minutes to install. There is no need to shut downflow.

Special Features

  • Noise suppression circuitry filters “dirty” power and electrical interference from most VFD’s
  • Automatically converts between measurement units (e.g. gallons or liters)
  • Digital processing system tracks flow signals accurately and auto-zeroes with signal loss
  • Self-tunes to Sensor cable length
  • Output “simulation” function simplifies calibration of remote devices (e.g. chart recorders or controllers)
  • Calibration data and Totalizer values are stored automatically during power interruptions


  1. The flow meter shall operate with a single-head flow sensor mounted externally on any contiguous pipe material that conducts sound including carbon steel, stainless steel, ductile iron, copper, FRP, PVC, ABS, or cement lined pipe from 1/2″ to 180″ (12.5 mm to 4.5 m) ID.
  2. Measure and indicate flow rates from +0.25 to +40 ft/sec and -0.25 to -40 ft/sec (+0.075 to +12.2 m/sec and -0.075 to -12.2 m/sec) with an accuracy of ±2% of reading on liquids with entrained particles or gases of 100 microns or larger and minimum concentrations of 75 ppm.

More Information : Brochure SFM 6.1

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