Domestic Gas Meter HORN Energoflow-Gas Meter

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Domestic Gas Meter HORN energoflow
Domestic Gas Meter HORN energy flow

 Gas Meter HORN is designed to measure the volume of natural gas or regasified hydrocarbon gas for households and public utilities adjusting the measured gas volume, and displaying the amount of consumed gas on the meter indicator with the ability to transfer information to a centralized accounting system.

The meter is intended for continuous operation under the following conditions:

  • ambient temperature from minus 25 to 70°С;
  • humidity not more than 95 % at a temperature not exceeding 35°С and lower temperatures without condensation;
  • atmospheric pressure from 84 to 106,7 kPa (from 630 to 800 mm Mercury);
  • the highest operating pressure not exceeding 50 kPa.

System features enhance the application of metering devices and control of gas consumption, and allow the following:

  • Monitoring the equipment condition;
  • Alerting – in cases of emergencies, control center gets corresponding messages;
  • Transferring meter readings.
  • Saving and sending event reports indicating emergencies, dispatcher actions, alarm reporting, turning on/off the equipment.
  • Regular data backup on the server excluding information loss.
  • Generating flow rate balance information to detect losses, leakages, and tampering.
  • Reducing man-made risks when dealing with gas equipment.
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Parameter, unitsVolume
Pressure loss at Qmax, Pa, not more200
Gas mixture typeH, L, E, P/B
Limits of relative error under normal conditions in the range of flow rates from Qmin to Qt, %, not more± 3,0
Limits of relative error under normal conditions in the range of flow rates from Qt to Qmax, %, not more± 1,5
Max. gas gauge pressure, kPa50
Power supplyLithium battery 3,6 V
Time of autonomous operation, not less10 years
DisplayLCD, one line 10 symbols
Optical portIEC 62056-21
Verification period8 years
Ingress Protection LevelIP67
Overall dimensions, mm, not more110 х 120 х 100
Mounting dimensions:
– distance between inlet and outlet pipes, mm, not more
– inlet and outlet pipes with
110G1/2“ | G3/4“
Mounting optionshorizontal, vertical
Meter weight, kg, not more1,0

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