Aplisens Smart Level Transmitter APC-2000ALW/L

1 minute, 46 seconds Read
  • The units of pressure;
  • Start and end-points of set range;
  • damping time constant;
  • inverted characteristic (output signal 20 ÷ 4 mA).

The communication standard for data interchange with the probe is the Hart protocol. Communication with the probe is carried out with:

Technical Data

Metrological Parameters

  • Accuracy: L±0,16%
  • Long-term stability: <0,16% for 2 years
  • Thermal error: < ±0,1% (FSO) / 10°C max. ±0,4% (FSO) in the whole compensation range
  • Thermal compensation range:
    • -25…100°C
    • -40…80°C special version
  • Output actualization time: 0,5 s
  • Additional electronic damping: 0…60 s
  • Error due to supply voltage changes: 0,002% (FSO) / V

Electrical Parameters

  • Power supply: 10…55 VDC (Exia: 10,5…30 VDC)
  • Output signal: 4…20 mA 2-wires + Hart protocol
  • Resistance required for communication: min. 240 W

Operating Conditions

  • Operating temperature range (ambient temp.): -40…85°C
  • Medium temperature range:
    PU, ETEFE-R version: 0…40°C
    ETFE, PU+PTFE version: 0…80°C
    ETFE+PTFE version: 0…100°C

Download Datasheet: Aplisens Smart Level Transmitter APC-2000ALW/L

Reference: Aplisens.com

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