Wmag21 Battery Power Electromagnetic Flow Meter DN500

Flowma Wmag21 Battery Power Electromagnetic Flow Meter merupakan salah satu varian dari Wmag21 series yang menggunakan battery lithium 3.6V yang mampu  bertahan hingga 4 tahun pemakaian. Flow meter ini bagian dari flow measurement yang menggunakan prinsip hukum faraday (electromagnetic) yang membuat flow meter tersebut tidak memiliki part atau bagian yang menghalangi aliran sehingga pressure drop […]

Plastic Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The WMP-Series is a full-bore, plastic-bodied electromagnetic flowmeter designed for flow and usage monitoring applications in 1 and 2-inch pipe.  The polypropylene flow tube offers corrosion resistance to a wide range of chemicals.  It is lightweight and easy to install or remove from the pipe for inspection*.  Features No moving parts Minimal straight pipe required […]

Battery Powered Flow Meter

Battery powered Flow Meter Ultrasonic water meter Stratified fluid piping design for two-channel measurement, measurement accuracy · Range than the width, and less than 0.01m /s starting flow · Display large amount of information, with the screen display 9 digital display four cumulative flow and instantaneous flow figures · Design of energy-saving, power-saving features such […]