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PCE Instruments (PCE) is an international supplier of test instruments, tools and equipment for measuring, weighing and control systems. Founded by German engineers nearly two decades ago, PCE offers more than 500 test instruments with applications in industrial engineering and process control, manufacturing quality assurance, scientific research, trade industries and beyond. PCE’s large test instrument portfolio includes handheld, desktop, portable or fixed-installation sensors, meters, gauges, scales, analyzers, detectors, data loggers and inspection cameras branded by PCE and other first-class manufacturers from around the globe.

Tools and Equipment for Measuring, Weighing and Control Systems

In addition, PCE can provide custom test instruments on demand. The DIN EN ISO 9001-certified PCE Product and Development Company GmbH produces test instruments tailored to meet unique customer needs. PCE serves customers from government, industry and academia in diverse fields such as :

  • Acoustical engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Archaeology & Architecture
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Bioengineering
  • Building inspection
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Construction
  • Data Acquisition
  • HVAC
  • Etc.

By capitalizing on the expert knowledge and extensive experience of PCE’s engineers and technicians to create custom-built test instruments, customers in almost any field can obtain professional tools and equipment designed specifically for their applications.

PCE’s mix of stock and custom test instruments ensures the company remains a trusted partner for professional tools and equipment used in measuring, weighing and control systems.

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Test instruments can be found in research laboratories as well as in places like automobile repair shops, construction job sites and manufacturing facilities. Test instruments are used in trade industries for troubleshooting as well as for routine inspections of systems and equipment. Companies big and small need accurate, affordable test instruments for use in product research and development (R&D), quality control, condition monitoring, workplace safety, and more.

From accelerometer devices used to measure vibrations and oscillations in machinery to wood moisture meter products designed to determine the humidity of lumber, PCE Instruments’ breadth of test instrument product offerings covers a full range of practical applications. Everyday consumers also need accurate, affordable test instruments for evaluating home energy efficiency, monitoring wind conditions for outdoor recreational activities, checking soil moisture levels in the garden, and more. For these types of applications, PCE Instruments offers a number of easy-to-use test instruments — no expert knowledge required.

PCE’s devices are of the highest industry standards, and are used for quality control and product testing in industrial settings, scientific research facilities, commercial businesses, government institutions, professional sports and recreation venues, and military operations. In addition, PCE’s test instruments may be used in education for classroom demonstrations and laboratory tests.

Electricians use PCE test instruments for assessing electrical installations in their daily work. Test instruments are used in the testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and since energy saving is of pivotal importance on the global level, it is a must to use the latest and most progressive equipment in this sphere. Even solar panel installers use PCE test instruments during the installation and testing of solar panels. Regardless of the intended application, all PCE test instruments are delivered manufacturer calibrated. Plus, PCE Instruments stands by the quality of its test instruments by offering a warranty against manufacturer defects.

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The wide range of test instruments supplied by PCE ensures that no matter the customer need, PCE has a solution — from portable handheld devices for testing in the field to fixed-installation test instruments permanently mounted for continuous monitoring in a facility or at a job site. Let PCE Instruments be your partner for virtually any measuring, weighing or control systems equipment.

PCE Instruments is also a consultancy company, providing services for custom test instrument design, installation, calibration, maintenance and on/off site monitoring. One of our associates can supply you with the support you need to tackle that large project or installation. With more than 20 years in the industry as a company, and with the hundreds of combined years of experience shared between our knowledgeable associates, PCE Instruments can help solve almost any measuring problem, large or small. We are interested not only in test instrument sales, but also in the development of new measuring solutions to benefit our customers. Our associates attend training courses regularly to keep up with the latest technical innovations and upgrade the capabilities of our test instruments accordingly. Ultimately, PCE strives to provide customers with products and solutions that make measuring tasks quick and easy while maintaining a high level of accuracy, so PCE Instrument embrace new technologies that help accomplish these objectives.

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Calibration of Test Instruments

All PCE test instruments, tools and equipment for measuring, weighing and control systems are factory or manufacturer calibrated. Should you company require ISO (or DAkkS) calibration, ISO (or DAkkS) calibration certificates can be acquired as an optional accessory at additional cost to most test instruments. While we do not offer NIST calibration, ISO calibration is accepted as an NIST equivalent in the United States, as ISO calibration is respected worldwide.

An ISO calibration certificate should list all measured values obtained during testing and calibration to confirm the device meets the applicable ISO standard(s). Each ISO calibration certificate is personalized for the customer; therefore, ISO calibration certificates are exempt from the right of return.

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For example, if a customer orders a digital dew point thermometer with an ISO calibration certificate, the thermometer is calibrated at two temperature points …Read more

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