Diesse Fluid Control

Diesse Fluid Control

Over the years Diesse Fluid Control, after an entrepreneurial process started in the 1950 years and based on proven technical competence, DIESSE has successfully developed its know-how in the field of liquid measuring instruments and has registered its own patents.

Diesse Fluid Control Overview

Today, the company is one of the most well-known level gauge manufacturers in the business. know-how, quality diesse fluid control :

  • Wide skills base and teamwork to achieve business objectives.
  • High product quality thanks to a careful selection of Italian and European-only materials and through supplier assessment/qualification process.
  • Customer care customer special projects development, immediate response to any request, extreme flexibility in terms of production processes and deadlines, assistance in identifying the most suitable technical solution.

Diesse Fluid Control Products

The products are suitable for most industrial process applications and general boiler applications as well, The Diesse products range covers:

Glass Level Gauges

Diesse Glass Level Gauge
Diesse Glass Level Gauge

Glass level gauges give very accurate level readings, making them the ideal product for calibrating other instruments as well.

Magnetic Level Gauges

A by-pass (which mainly consists of a tube longer than the fluid range) is connected to the tank containing the fluid whose level is to be measured. A float containing a magnet moves up and down the tube, and its position determines the tank fluid level (the level is clearly indicated by red and white markers).

Magnetic Level Gauges
Magnetic Level Gauges

Variation in fluid level causes the float to move and the float magnet then makes the roller display (which also contains a magnet) rotate. Red markers are normally shown in the part of the tank holding the fluid and white markers in the part containing the gas/steam.

NOTE: Magnetic level gauges are built exclusively according to the centre-to-centre distance specified by the customer. The reading length usually matches the centre-to-centre distance.

Cylindrical Plug Cocks

The DIESSE cylindrical plug cock is suitable for all kinds of applications in a number of different sectors. The seal is soft and is achieved by fitting a case between the vessel and the plug cock.

Cylindrical Plug Cocks
Cylindrical Plug Cocks

The DIESSE manometer setting valve is a three way cylindrical plug cock with control flange (DS PM18) is soft sealing and the ideal product for securely fitting a manometer.

The cock has a flanged connection for this purpose, which must be screwed in so that no loss occurs as a result of incorrect operation (when a control manometer is not connected).

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Blow Down Valves

DIESSE blow down valves must be installed downstream of a shut-off globe valve suitable for the intended use of the system.

Blow Down Valves
Blow Down Valves

The main function of these valves is to drain mud in hydraulic circuits. The seal is metal and, thanks to the tempered disc and stellited seat, the valve can be used with high temperature steam.

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  • Blow Down Valve With Lever
  • Blow Down Valve With Pneumatic Actuator

Needle Valves

The needle valves allow the interception and regulation of various fluids and gases that are compatible even aggressive. The closing element in the form of a nail or pin is positioned in a conical seat that contains it entirely.

Needle Valves
Needle Valves

Diesse products range:

  • Needle Valve Class 3000 psi (Light type)
  • Needle Valve Class 3000 psi (Heavy type)
  • Manometer Setting Needle Valve Class 3000 psi


Source : Indonesia Industrial Parts – Measurement, Equipment, Electrical & Control (inaparts.com)

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