HLM–35 Dinel-Hydrostatic level meter

The hydrostatic level meter HLM–35 is a compact measuring device containing a ceramic or stainless steel strain gauge sensor and evaluation electronics in a stainless steel probe. The ceramic sensor is resistant to different against various liquids (water, oil, coolants, water solutions, etc.). The probe is produced in a configuration with a valve or a capillary, which serves to deliver atmospheric pressure to the probe. The front side of the probe is open, which makes the level meter more resistant against the adhesion of coarser soiling. The level meter does not include any elements that can be set. LED signal function.


  • Intended for various liquids (water, oil, coolants, water solutions, etc.)
  • High long-term stability
  • Accuracy 0,5% within the total range
  • Measuring range up to 100 m (H2O)
  • Thread process connection
  • Current or voltage output
  • LED indicators
  • Variant with an option of settings with a magnetic pen within the selected range
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Read more:https://inaparts.com/flow-measurement/type-flow-meter/hlm-35-dinel-hydrostatic-level-meter/

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