Sierra SmartTrak 50 Low-Cost Digital Mass Flow Controllers

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Sierra Instruments’ SmartTrak® 50 Series is a digital gas mass flow controller designed to meet the low cost budgetary requirements of OEM’s while maintaining excellent quality and performance.

Inspired by the need for accurate and reliable gas mass flow control at an OEM price, the 50 Series delivers by building on the same core sensor, LFE and valve technology found in our award-winning SmartTrak 100 Series, all backed by industry best off-the-shelf fast product delivery and Sierra’s style of personalized customer support.

Our 50 Series has a standard accuracy of +/- 1.0% of full scale. The flexible and powerful direct-acting control valve sets it apart from the competition by minimizing leak-by, while offering a 300 ms response time to setpoint changes at +/- 0.25% repeatability.

Sierra SmartTrak 50 Low-Cost Digital Mass Flow Controllers
SmartTrak 50 mass flowmeter

It is our philosophy that core sensor technology must be of the highest quality and performance to make an excellent MFC. In contrast to the many wetted parts of CMOS and MEMS flow sensors, Sierra uses its most advanced 316L stainless steel platinumwound capillary sensor technology ensuring the very best mass flow control for nearly any clean gas.

As a result, the 50 Series shares the same advanced sensor as the flagship SmartTrak 100 Series, while incorporating a slightly varied valve and laminar flow element design also inspired by the original Smart-Trak. A more efficient manufacturing process, a streamlined design, and our partnership with a very strong supplier base combined to make the 50 Series a reality.

Experience our passion for flow with the 50 Series in your next application.

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