Hengesbach Analytical Measurement and Evaluation

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Hengesbach is a company from Deutschland. And Hengesbach develops, manufactures and distributes innovative measuring technology for applications in production processes where functionality, reliability and accuracy of the instruments are of highest priority even under extreme process conditions. This modern understanding of value creation of a medium-sized company already has a long tradition with us. Based on many years of experience, we know that the success and strategic security of the company is the result of a lasting and uncompromising appreciation of all involved stakeholders – and this in a global context.

Hengesbach develop and produce measuring instruments with a clear focus on the worldwide active dairy, food and beverage industry. Especially within these applications, highest hygienic requirements for the production of safe products are essential prerequisites. The product of Hengesbach Such as level measuring, flow measuring, pressure measuring, temperature measuring, analytical measurement, evaluation.

Analytical measurement is food, pharmaceutical products, water and waste water, paper and energy, etc. Measuring systems for process-related analysis of industrial liquids are used in all industrial sectors involving process technology. The product analysis program can be used to determine sensory parameters such as the pH value and conductivity. The optical measuring systems are used to determine cloudiness, color, chlorine content and nitrate content, as well as other chemical components of liquids. Customized process connections and designs determine the profile of the instrumentation in this case, based on specialized process knowledge and application know-how.

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