Flush-Mounted Pressure Transmitter TCS Type Hengesbach

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Flush-Mounted Pressure Transmitter TCS Type
Flush-Mounted Pressure Transmitter TCS Type

The ceramic-sensor-based, flush-mounted pressure transmitters with metal membrane – Type TCS – for relative and
absolute pressure with various sensor elements are available with manometer connection or flush-mounted membrane. This connecting concept allows highly overload-resistant pressure measurements and provides high operating safety for industrial process pressure and level measurements.

The devices are cast into stainless steel standard housings and are available according to protection types from IP65
onwards. High-temperature versions for continuous operation at up to 200 ºC are available. Vacuum-resistance guaranteed. Installation into pipes with small nominal diameters is easily possible, due to the compact design.
Appropriate welding sockets and process adaptors can be ordered. The two process connection variants are G ½ or M22x1.5 with a threaded connection. In addition to the standard housing, a field housing design can be selected.


  • high overload safety for flush mounted applications with o-ring seal
  • measuring ranges from 0…2 bar to 0…400 bar for relative and absolute pressure in standard design
  • high-temperature safe up to 200ºc continuous load
  • shock- and vibration-resistant
  • different process connection adaptors
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