Flush-Mounted Pressure and Level Transmitter PZM 100/101 Series Hengesbach

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Flush-Mounted Pressure and Level Transmitter PZM 100_101 Series
Flush-Mounted Pressure and Level Transmitter PZM 100_101 Series

The PZM  pressure transmitters are suitable for taking pressure and filling level measurements in pipelines and containers. The modular process connection system offers a wide range of connection adapters and helps to cut costs in the long term. The flush-mounted process connection with O-ring seal and stainless steel membrane is certified to EHEDG type EL-ASEPTIC CLASS 1 and is thus predestined for measurements which satisfy even the most stringent hygiene requirements. The sensor measuring ranges of the piezoresistive vacuum-proof measuring cell with stainless steel membrane of the PZM pressure transmitters range from -1/0…0.35bar to -1/0…100bar.

Special measuring ranges are possible for both versions. All the pressure transmitters in series 100/101 are designed for universal applications and, in particular, for applications with constantly high temperatures of up to 200°C. Furthermore, using the on-site display with series 100 and the display and operating module OPUS M in series 101, the pressure transmitters can be simply read out, configured and diagnosed.


  • EHEDG-aseptic certified modular process connection system
  • precise measurements ≤ ± 0,15% FS
  • Turn Down 10
  • integrated or external display and operating module OPUSM
  • vacuum proof and extremely overload safe
  • direct entry of parameters with plain text display
  • easy to clean and high protection classes IP 67 and IP69K
  • application strengths: content and process pressure measurements / vacuum measurements even at high temperatures
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