MEMS Mass Flow Sensors and Gas Flow Meter for Clean Gas

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Mass Flow Sensor For clean gas and liquid flow applications

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The MEMS mass flow sensors are made with the company’s proprietary MEMS mass flow sensing technology featuring large dynamic range, high accuracy and long lifetime. The MEMS sensing elements are designed with a pressure balancer that allows the applications at high working pressures. Typical applications include,

  • Medical devices or equipment, such as a ventilator, anesthesia equipment, asthma detector, auto spirometers, endoscope, gamma knife, CPAP, and many more
  • Process control and monitors, such as welding process, gas mixers, food package robot control clogging sensing fan monitoring and many more
  • Instrumentation, such as GC spectrometers, gas control equipment, air samplers, leak detection, gas analyzer, and many more
  • Semiconductor equipment, such as die-attachment, wire bonder, wet chemical bench monitor
  • Smart home/HVAC provides the monitoring of the ventilation in hoods and feedback for efficiency.

The MEMS mass flow meters are built on the flow sensors with advanced user interfaces, sophisticated package and can also apply for a large flow channel metrology requirements. The company’s technology also enables the meter to automatically recognize the pre-programmed flow media which is not available for other similar products on the market. Typical applications include,

  • Medical oxygen metering and control provides in particular for hospital oxygen delivery system
  • Process control, such as beverage production, manufacture gas process, and others
  • Natural gas or other fuel gas, such as control of the combustion efficiency
  • Coal bed gas initiator provides the tracer for the initiation of the drilled coal bed to facilitate the efficiency of the production
  •  Smart cylinder gas meters are specially developed for facilitating the gas cylinder consumption, leakage, dispatch, inventory, and manufacture. Incorporated IOT technology enables the system to be truly smart.

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