Patlite Alarm Horn | Buzzer melody sounds

BK 120mm sq., 32 sound BK

The panel-mount BK Series stores 32 different pre-recorded sounds with a compact, yet loudspeaker which is suitable for noisy factories.

EWH24E/EX Explosion Proof Melody / Alarm Horn

PATLITE offers an explosion-safe Horn with pre-recorded Melodies and Chimes, suitable for Zone 2 and Zone 22 applications.

BM 50mm square, 2 buzzers

The BM is an extremely small design, with two buzzer sounds, that is ideal for installation on control panels or production equipment.

BD 80mm sq., 32 sound BD

The panel-mount BD Series stores 32 different melody sounds (sound groups from “A” to “P”) conveniently arranged for playback, suitable for noisy factories. The “P” sound group can be re-programmed using any of the 32 pre-installed sounds (optional S…

EHS Melody/Alarm Horn

Patlite’s new Melody/Alarm player for

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