KOMAX Desuperheater

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Take a Look at the Komax Desuperheater

Superheat is almost always an aspect of a steam generation because, without it, the steam that must travel from the boiler to the point of use cools and condenses. Superheating can prevent that process, but it does require a small increase in energy.

As a result, at the point of utilization, it must be removed (desuperheated) for predictable condensation as the steam gives up its heat.

The Komax Equalizer™ Mixing Module Changes The Equation

The equalizer module

The “Equalizer” Module

The Komax desuperheating mixer uses very different technology than conventional desuperheaters. Our Equalizer™ mixing module utilizes a low-pressure water injection spray nozzle that we carefully direct upstream. The flow of the steam causes that cone of water to reverse direction and pass downstream through the mixing module. The steam and water are then effectively combined with each other, reducing the superheat to the right value required for your mixture.

Unlike other options on the market, the Komax Desuperheating Mixer has six fixed mixing elements. Once the superheated steam comes into the Equalizer™ module and is combined with the injected cooling product, it is then divided and mixed by the elements in each of the six holes. Multiple impingement mixing zones develop at the exit, completing the three-stage contracting process.

Your Best Option

Wondering just what makes the Komax Desuperheater so good? Three stages of mixing including our patented Equalizer™ mixing module within the desuperheater. Cooling happens almost instantly as it exits the mixing module, thus it doesn’t require the extensive downstream pipe lay length required by old-school designs.

In fact, it needs less space, delivers more accurate temperature control and reduces or eliminates thermal cycling fatigue in your piping, ensuring improved safety, less wear and downtime.

There are no moving parts, and our desuperheating mixers offer high levels of consistency. Maintenance is never an issue as the low-pressure nozzle lasts and lasts. Almost no noise or vibration can be expected, and it’s a perfect fit for limited space.

Ideal for power plants, LNG plants, and the cooling of gas and steam, the Komax desuperheater is an excellent option.

Equalizer module located inside the Komax Desuperheater

Equalizer module located inside the Komax Desuperheater

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