Hydraulic Seal Sakagami (list)

Types of Sakagami Seal :

Hydraulic Seal

Pneumatic Seal

  • PGY Seal (piston seal)
  • PNY Seal (rod seal)
  • GLY Seal (piston seal & rod seal)
  • PPD Seal (piston seal)
  • PSD Seal (piston seal)
  • PDU Seal (wiper for rod seal)
  • MINI Y Seal (piston seal & rod seal)
  • MYP Seal (piston seal)
  • MYR Seal (rod seal)
  • PPY Seal (piston seal)
  • PRY Seal (rod seal)
  • Grid-Surface Gaskets (rubber sheet gasket)


  • SCK Seal
  • SDR Seal
  • SDB Seal
  • SCB Seal
  • SER Seal
  • SFR Seal

Wear ring

  • SW Seal (piston seal)
  • SWA Seal (piston seal)
  • SWB Seal (piston seal)

Cara Memilih Seal hydraulic, Hydraulic seal, Piston seal, rod seal, V Packing, wear ring

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