Fox Thermal FT1 Gas Mass Flow Meter

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Fox Thermal Mass Flow Meter | Gas Inline Flow Meter | Insertion gas Flow Meter

Thermal mass gas flow meter

The Fox Model FT1 mass flow meter is a multiple award winner due to its innovative design elements such as the DDC Sensor™ technology platform that allows it to operate using the Gas-SelectX® gas menu selection tool.

  • Insertion & Inline Styles
  • DDC-Sensor™ Technology
  • Gas-SelectX® Gas Selection Menu
  • Zero CAL-CHECK® Calibration Validation
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Industrial Applications:

  • Wastewater Aeration
  • Natural Gas Monitoring
  • Pure Gas Monitoring
  • Biogas Monitoring
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FT1 Gas Flowmeter Specification

Performance Specifications
Type Insertion Inline
Flow Accuracy: Air: ± 1% of reading ± 0.2% of full scale.
Other Gases: ± 1.5% of reading ± 0.5% of full scale.
Accuracy specification applies to the customer’s selected flow range
Straight, unobstructed pipe requirement: 15 diameters upstream; 10 downstream. 8 diameters upstream; 4 downstream.
Flow Repeatability: ± 0.2% of full scale
Flow Response Time: 0.8 seconds (one time constant)
Temperature Accuracy: ± 1° F (± 0.6° C)
Calibration: Factory Calibration to NIST-traceable standards
Zero CAL-CHECK®: In situ, operator-initiated calibration validation
Operating Specifications
Type Insertion Inline
Flow Units (field selectable): SCFM, SCFH, NMPS, NM3/M, NM3/H, NM3/D, NLPS, NLPM, NLPH, MCFD, MSCFD, SCFD, MMSCFD, MMSCFM, SM3/M, SM3/D, SM3/H, LB/S, LB/M, LB/H, LB/D, Kg/S, Kg/M, Kg/Hr, SLPM, SFPM, MT/H
Flow Rates: 15 to 25,000 SFPM (0.07 to 120 NMPS)
Turndown: up to 1000:1; 100:1 typical
Flow Ranges: Pipe SizeSCFMNM³/HR1.5″ (40mm)0 – 3540 – 5582″ (50mm)0 – 5830 – 9202.5″ (63mm)0 – 8300 – 1,2003″ (80mm)0 – 1,2800 – 2,0204″ (100mm)0 – 2,2100 – 3,4806″ (150mm)0 – 5,0100 – 7,9108″ (200mm)0 – 8,6800 – 13,70010″ (250mm)0 – 13,6000 – 21,45012″ (300mm)0 – 19,4000 – 30,600Note: To determine if the FT4A will operate accurately in other pipe sizes, divide the maximum flow rate by the pipe area. The application is acceptable if the resulting velocity is within the velocity range above. Pipe SizeSCFMNM³/HR0.75″ (20mm)0 – 930 – 1461″ (25mm)0 – 1500 – 2371.25″ (32mm)0 – 2600 – 4101.5″ (40mm)0 – 3540 – 5582″ (50mm)0 – 5380 – 9202.5″ (63mm)0 – 8300 – 1,2003″ (80mm)0 – 1,2800 – 2,0204″ (100mm)0 – 2,2100 – 3,4806″ (150mm)0 – 2,5000 – 3,950.Note: Consult factory for flow ranges above those listed. Inline meters above 5,000 SCFM (7,900 NM3/H) air may require third party calibration
Gas Pressure (max): 740 psig (51 barg) 316 SS inline w/NPT ends: 300 psig (20 barg)316 SS inline w/150lb flanges: 230 psig (16 barg)CS inline w/NPT ends: 300 psig (20 barg)CS inline w/150lb flanges: 285 psig (20 barg)
Check with factory for higher pressure options.
NOTE: When the Teflon ferrule option ordered, gas pressure is 60psig (4.1 barg) maximum.d 
Relative Humidity: 90% RH maximum; non-condensing
Temperature: DDC-Sensor™: -40 to 250°F (-40 to 121°C)
Enclosure: -40 to 158°F (-40 to 70°C)
*Note: Display dims below -4°F (-20°C); function returns once the temperature rises again.
Input Power: Input power: 12 to 28VDC, 6 watts max. (CE requirement)
Full input power input range: 10 to 30VDC, 6 watts maximum.
Inputs/Outputs All outputs and communication circuits are galvanically isolated.Standard 4-20mA output proportional to the flow rate; fault indication per NAMUR NE43; HART communication option.Second output for a pulse, Modbus RTU (RS485), or BACnet MS/TP (RS485).Isolated pulse output: 5 to 24VDC, 10mA max, 0 to 100Hz for flow.The pulse output can be used as an isolated sold state output for alarms.
Port: Mini USB communication port is standard.
Software: The free PC-based software tool – FT1 View™ – provides complete configuration, remote process monitoring, and data logging functions.
Optional serial communication: Modbus RTU (RS485), BACnet MS/TP (RS485) or HART (when no pulse output has been ordered).
4-20mA and Pulse Verification: Simulation mode used to align 4-20mA output and pulse output (if ordered) with the input to the customer’s PLC/DCS.
Physical Specifications
Type Insertion Inline
Sensor Material: 316 stainless steel standard.
Enclosure: NEMA 4, Aluminum, dual conduit entries with ¾” FNPT.
Retractor Assemblies: 150 psig (10.3 barg) max. N/A
Installation: Fox Thermal-supplied compression fitting connects to customer-supplied 1″ female coupling welded to the pipe.  Compression fitting included with the flow body.

More information : Brochure FT1

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