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McCrometer is a leading global flow instrumentation specialist. We specialize in the design, manufacture, installation and testing of flow metering solutions. Instrument, process, facility and consulting engineers worldwide have confidently chosen McCrometer’s flow meters for more than 60 years.

Our application engineers, researchers, and designers apply their expertise in flow physics and real-world operating dynamics. The results are some of the most accurate, innovative, and trusted flow meters on the market. Our ISO certified manufacturing facilities and quality control systems are the foundation for being a trusted supplier to fit every customer’s need in diverse markets such as aerospace, agriculture irrigation, chemical and petrochemical, food and beverage, metals and mining, municipal water and wastewater, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, power utilities, pulp and paper, semiconductor and more.

Connected Solutions

Today’s water managers face several challenges when it comes to reading the data on their flow meters. Collecting the data can be time consuming, with delivery either inconsistent or irregular due to weather restrictions or meter inaccessibility. Manual reading can be inaccurately reported, and the infrequency of the data collection is often insufficient for planning. Add to that the expensive cost of labor, vehicles and fuel, it’s no wonder they’re demanding more. How many times have we heard “There must be a better way!”

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Fortunately, there is. McCrometer’s FlowConnect™ is a built-in solution for collecting and transmitting flow data from the Mc Propeller and Water Specialties meters. Its unique one-piece design eliminates the need for cables, pole mounting and other hardware typically required with traditional telemetry systems. FlowConnect’s features include ExactRead™ Technology, a proprietary technology for exact match from meter to website, affordable and reliable remote meter reading with a streamlined design, timely and accessible data for water management decisions, pre-assembled on new meters for simplified installation and retrofits on existing meters in less than 30 minutes. With multiple register input and output options, modem options and power options, McCrometer, your trusted partner for flow meters, offers innovative built-in remote meter reading. Finally, this is a much better way of automatic meter reading.

McCrometer also offers Smart Output for use with their line of electromagnetic insertion and full bore flow meters. Smart Output™ is compatible with Sensus and Itron systems, which makes these mag meters plug and play into larger AMI and AMR systems. McCrometer has an electromagnetic flow solution for nearly every application – line sizes 4”-138”: hot tappable insertion meters, full bore type, battery/solar or AC/DC powered. And now, their entire line of mag meters are AMI compatible, with Smart Output.

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