Variable Primary Pressure Flow Controller (Not subject to supply pressure variations) MODEL 2204 SERIES

Kofloc Model 2203 Pressure Flow Controller
Variable Primary Pressure Flow Controller (Not subject to supply pressure variations)
Model 2204 Variable Primary Pressure Flow Controller is a control valve that always keeps flows at a constant rate under a given constant level of secondary pressure (outlet pressure) even when the primary pressure (inlet pressure) fluctuates. The built-in precision needle valve accurately
controls flows to the set flow rate, including ultra-minute flows.
1.Stable flow control
A non-rotary needle valve composed of high-precision components ensures smooth control of even ultra-minute flows.
2.Not subject to supply pressure fluctuations
are protected from being affected by primary pressure (supply pressure)
fluctuations, under a given constant level of secondary pressure
(outlet pressure).
3.Cleanliness ensured
the high-precision components are super-cleaned before assembly so that
the product can be safely used even on high-sensitivity instruments for
analysis for which cleanliness is essential.
1.Physical and chemical appliances
2.Control of the second-stage operation of pumps
3.Various instruments for analysis
4.Environmental instrumentation systems
Standard Applications
Rated flow ranges : Gas: 10 ML/min–10 L/min
accuracy : Within the set flow ±2% when the primary pressure (inlet
pressure) changes by 0.3MPa in                              a range
between 0.07 MPa and 0.8 MPa.
Number of turns of regulating screw : Approx. 12 turns
Maximum operating pressure : 0.8 Mpa
Maximum operating temperature : 60℃
Materials of parts in contact with fluids : (A) Al, brass, POM, NBR, SUS316
(SS) SUS316, fluorocarbon resin, FKM
Connection end : Rc 1/8 (M8 + Rc 1/8)
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