Gastec Oxygen Sensor

Gastec Oxygen Galvanic Cell Sensor | Full Descriptions This galvanic cell sensor that measures oxygen concentration has been in use since the mid-1960s to detect (and alert) oxygen deficiency throughout all industries. Features No technical expertise is necessary Compact and lightweight Outstanding performance with instant real-time measurement Oxygen meter of intrinsically safe explosion-proof design No […]

Gastech Hand-held Methane gas detector MAM-2510

Methane Gas Detector Feature Low power consumption sensor Compact and lightweight For exclusive measurement of methane gas only Analog display shows LEL or concentration (%) Specification Measurement range: 0 – 25%LEL, 0 – 100%LEL Sampling method: Diaphragm pump Measurement method: Catalytic combustion gas sensor Display: Analog meter (backlit) Indicating accuracy: +/- 5% of full scale […]

Gastec CM-6B Carbon Monoxide Detector

Gastec CM-6B Carbon Monoxide Detector | Features & Specification Feature Slim / Compact and lightweight, only 100g The first model of this size to allow remote control measurements Explosion-proof RFI/EMI Shielding A simple auto-zero calibration procedure Low power consumption Specification Measurement range: 0 – 300 ppm (enhanced range: 301 – 999 ppm) Measurement method: Controlled […]