Mengukur Debit Air Bendungan dengan Open Channel Flow Meter

mengukur debit pada bendungan open channel menggunakan JAIN Xonic X100 LM Ultrasonic Open channel flow meter menggunakan transduser besar untuk saluran terbuka yang lebih dari 2 meter dan transduser kecil untuk situs yang lebih kecil yang di bawah 2 meter. Transduser sistem memiliki paten desainnya sendiri. Pengertian Open Channel Flow Meter Open Channel Flow Meter […]

How to Choose a Flow Meter

Flowmeter | Function of flow meter | Kind of  Flowmeter Introduction of Flowmeter The flowmeters used to measure flow from fluids (liquid with liquid flowmeter), sludge with a sludge flow meter, or gas with gas flow meter), both in high temperature or low temperature. In choosing a type of flow meter, the fluid condition and flowmeter function […]

Ultrasonic Level Sensor Honda HD350

HD 350 series Honda Electronic Level meter is Level Sensor uses ultrasound to count distance of the level liquid. Features The compact and lightweight level meter which includes sensor and display in one unit. Digital signal processor realized accurate measurement Graphical display Mask function equipped. : the Unnecessary signal can be eliminated from the received […]

Level Transmitter HD1200

Overview Advanced level sensing algorithm suppresses the noise level and artifacts and enabled stable measurement. One main unit handles two sensors at once. Two different types of sensors can be installed and each may measures different range. Data logging function to micro SD TM. Flow measurement by measuring catchment level is possible. Usage Level control […]